Period Underwear For Sleeping

Period Underwear for Sleeping | A great option for a good sleep

That time of the month can be a major sleep-depriver for people with periods. 

You’ve got to worry about things like cramps, possible leaks that lead to getting period stains out of underwear, and frequent urination. 

The result is that the next morning you’re tired, irritable, and definitely not ready for another day of menstruation. 

Enter period underwear for sleeping, a type of underwear that lets you sleep without worrying about leaks or setting timers to take out a tampon!

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Why You Have Trouble Sleeping on Your Period 

Before we get right into talking about period underwear, let’s talk about how your period affects your sleep.

You may find you don’t sleep as well during your period because of cramps pain.

Woman Tries To Sleep With Period Pain

Or, more commonly, you might struggle to sleep at night because your sanitary protection bothers you. That’s especially true if you’re used to sleeping without underwear. 

At night, you have less control of your body than you do during the day. That’s because your muscles tend to relax, allowing more blood to flow out.

If you’re not properly protected, you can wind up with period stains seeping through your clothing and into your bed. 

The Benefits of Period Underwear

Period underwear combines the advantages of both tampons and sanitary pads. Let’s take a look at a few of those benefits.

You Don’t Need to Change Them as Often

They can hold up to 5 tampons for the most absorbent ones, which means if you sleep like a baby and are out for more than 12 hours, you don’t have to worry.  

They don’t need to be replaced overnight as they allow blood to flow naturally.

Leak-Proof Underwear is Comfortable

Period underwear is usually made out of organic cotton, meaning that they’re incomparably soft. That’s extremely important for sleeping. 

You don’t have to worry about your pads scratching or poking at you while you sleep. And, you don’t have to worry about the pads moving around, either. 

The period underwear hugs your curves perfectly, letting you fully relax at night. 

Period Underwear

They’re Inconspicuous

When you’re on your period, it can feel awkward to wear big clunky pads. You might feel self-conscious or as though you’re wearing a diaper. 

Period undies, on the other hand, look like a normal pair of underwear. No one would know you’re on your period while you have these bad boys on!

Period Underwear is Environmentally Friendly

Another perk of period underwear is that they’re environmentally friendly and, in the long run, cheap. Forget the pile of sanitary pads, tampons, and inserts. 

With period underwear, you do away with the regular costs of those products as well as the garbage that they produce. 

How to Use Period Underwear for Sleeping

If all those benefits have convinced you that you should invest in period underwear for sleeping, we’re not surprised!

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to do anything special! All you do is pop a pair on and head to bed.

That’s it!

Woman Is Sleeping On Her Period

Cleaning Your Period Underwear

Cleaning your period underwear is an important part of keeping them fresh and usable. 

All you have to do to clean them is soak them in cold water before you throw them in the wash. The amount of time you soak them will vary depending on how heavy your flow was. 

For light lows, 30 minutes should be enough. For heavier flows, let them sit for an hour or so. 

You can also add mild laundry detergent to the water when you soak them. That way, you can help penetrate the fibers of the panties to get the impurities out. 

After you’ve finished soaking your panties, wash them in the washing machine on warm. Then, hang dry them. 

Pro Tip: Avoid using a fabric softener when washing as this reduces the absorbency of the panties. Ironing isn’t recommended either for the same reason. 

The Best Period Underwear for Sleeping

If you want to invest in some period underwear of your own, there are a couple of great picks out there. Here are some of our top choices when it comes to period underwear for nighttime!

Period Underwear With Period Calendar

Thinx Period Sleep Shorts

Thinx Period Sleep Shorts look just like your standard pair of lounge shorts. However, inside they’ve got a hidden pouch that will soak up your flow!

The shorts can hold up to 5 tampons full of blood, which means that you won’t have to change them overnight. 

Better yet, the shorts are designed so that they don’t smell. You won’t have to worry about odors building up when you wear these. 

Goat Union

Goat Union isn’t the most well-known period panty brand, but that’s not to say they’re not worth looking into!

These overnight shorts are designed to hold 3-4 tampons full of fluid. That’s more appropriate for a moderate flow, but should still keep you dry at night. 

On top of that, Goat Union’s period panties come in cute designs. You can pick any style of undies you like so that you can go to bed looking cute and feeling protected. 


ModiBodi has some great sleep shorts on their site. They’ve got tons of sizes and colors so that you can choose from. Check out our complete ModiBodi review.

ModiBodi’s shorts are much longer than most other sleep shorts on the market. If you’re worried about your flow, this is a good pick. 

Better yet, they’ve got period underwear for swimming, so you can stay covered no matter what it is that you’re doing!

Stay Stress-Free During Your Period 

Smiling Girl Doing Yoga

The days during your period can be tough. They can make it uncomfortable to enjoy the activities you’re used to.

With period underwear for sleeping, however, you can cross one stress off your list. It’s time to say goodbye to disrupted sleep and hello to a new way of living your period! 


Do You Change Your Underwear on Your Period? 

An essential part of feminine hygiene is changing your underwear every day, regardless of whether or not you’re on your period. That’s because small leaks can occur regardless of the method you use to handle your period. It’s important to change every day to avoid bad odors and keep bacteria at bay. 

Can You Wear Period Underwear Overnight? 

Of course, you can! It’s an excellent option for you to sleep comfortably and be able to move around freely. You also don’t have to worry about leaks or changing tampons with this type of underwear. 

Can You Use Period Underwear for Incontinence? 

You can wear period underwear for incontinence as long as the panties you wear are leak-proof and can absorb liquids. It’s one of the great advantages of period underwear – they’re versatile.