Tea Tree Oil Deodorant With Lavender: A Healthy DIY Option
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Tea Tree Oil Deodorant With Lavender: A Healthy DIY Option

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In my many years of trying -and often failing- to be and Enviromom, finding deodorant alternatives has been one of my biggest challenges.

Let’s face! There are many things I can let go off, but putting up with my own body smell is something I feel very reluctant about – the risk is too much for me! But every now and then, when I know I don’t need to go out, I like to experiment with my favorite “guinea pig”, my husband, who I know will give me honest and brutal feedback!

That’s what I did for my tea tree and lavender oil experiment.

With my transition to living a healthier life – I am working from the inside out to improve my well being. I have really started working on living plastic-free and eating better – like bringing these DIY oatmeal packets with me to work – to trying new healthier skin care options.

I know over the counter deodorants are not the healthiest option because most contain things such as aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex – and while the ingredients really have not been proven to have any real impact on health I would rather try healthier alternatives.

But can a more natural DIY alternative antiperspirant option hold up to this busy moms sweat?

I was on a quest to find out.

At my favorite natural oils shop, the sales clerk saw me carefully analyzing the deodorants and asked if she could help. After telling her about my needs she recommended I just give tea tree oil and lavender oils a go for a few days! Something I had never considered before despite loving the smell tea tree oil in all things personal care related.

So, I decided to follow their advice and went home with both oils!

Using Tea Tree Oil & Lavender

Below are the details of what I did during my test period.

  • Make sure you are not shaving your armpits on the same day!
  • Make sure armpits are completely dry so the oils can absorb
  • Each day I dabbed one drop of the tea tree oil under each armpit and rubbed it a bit to make sure I covered my armpit.
    • Warning: oils are super strong – when you open the tiny bottle, be prepared for it to hit your brain within a fraction of a second!
  • I waited for that to dry – about 60 seconds or so
  • Then I added 1 dab of lavender oil and waited for that to dry before getting dressed

After a few days of this, I was quite pleased with the outcome and so was my husband.

It’s summer, it’s hot and all the running after three kids put the oils through some tough testing!

UPDATE: I have heard from some readers that they like to use the tea tree oil underneath their traditional deodorant as an extra layer of odor protection. So if the tea tree oil on its own is not doing its job – then this would be an option as well!

My New Tea Tree Oil Deodorant Recipe

Now that I am moving forward with using this as part of my daily routine I decided to make a batch of it so I can easily access it when I need to instead of dabbing it all the time! While some have created real deodorant using coconut oil or shea butter to create a type of roll on deodorant, I opted for a spray to keep things easy and it works really well for me.



  1. Add tea tree oil to an amber-colored roll-on bottle
  2. Add water
  3. Add lavender
  4. Shake vigorously to mix
  5. Store away from light in a cool place

An 8 ounce bottle usually lasts me about a month – but may vary for you. I just do one small roll in each armpit and am good to go. Be sure to test, but keep in mind that essential oils can be strong (even after diluted in water)!

*I use water for the recipe – but in doing my research I found that witch hazel can be a great option as many have said it does a great job of controlling sweat. I am not someone who sweats a lot so did not feel I needed that.

*I used lavender oil because for me it is a soothing element to counteract the roughness of the scent of the tea tree oil – but I would play around with other oil scents if you are not a fan of lavender!

Why Does Tea Tree Oil Work?

Tea tree oil is a great deodorant option for a few reasons!

  • Antifungal – it has the ability for it to kill yeasts and fungi and has been proven in several medical reviews.
  • Antibacterial – it will kill off the bacteria that your body creates when you sweat. While sweat itself has no odor – the combination of sweat with the bacteria that is on your skin does! Tea tree oil helps kill that bacteria leaving you relatively odor free.

The lavender I added just gives a nice subtle scent so the tea tree oil odor is not so overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

Have you given this a try? Let me know what you thought and it it worked for you to mask those yucky odors!

DIY tea tree oil recipe

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