Period Underwear For Swimming

Period Underwear For Swimming | For a worry-free splash

Most of us have headed to the beach or the pool for a fun day in the sun only to discover that Aunt Flow has come to town. Suddenly, our sunny afternoon of water activities seems far behind us. Except not!

Swimming during your period is totally fine!

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Firstly, there is some evidence that the water pressure slows down your flux – although your flux won’t completely stop (that’s just a myth) in water, it is likely that there will be less blood coming out of your body – as the laws of gravity don’t quite apply to aquatic environments.

Secondly, there are many period products we can use for swimming. One of them is the classic tampon. Another option is the increasingly popular menstrual cup.

Or, another method for swimming when you’re on your period is to use period swimwear. Brands such as Ruby Love, Thinx and Modibodi have excellent period swimwear

While period underwear is not effective for swimming, period swimwear totally is. It’s the perfect way to stay comfortable and avoid disposable products while still enjoying the pool or beach on your period. 

Eco Friendly Period Swimwear Bikini
Modibodi Period Swimwear
Check Modibodi Swimwear Collection

What Is Period Swimwear?

Period-proof swimwear, as the name implies, is swimwear that’s designed especially for women on their periods. It looks the same as normal swimwear except that it absorbs menstrual blood. 

Period swimwear, unlike regular period-proof underwear, can be worn in the water. While you can still use a tampon, you don’t need to, making for a much more relaxing experience in the water. 

This type of swimwear is extremely popular with girls who participate in competitions. They’re able to focus on their swim meet without worrying about whether they’re leaking into their bathing suit. 

This type of swimwear is also great for girls who are just entering puberty or who have irregular periods. Since periods can arrive unexpectedly, this type of swimwear makes it possible for women to get in the water without worry. 

How Does Period Swimwear Work?

There are a few different types of period swimwear, and each one works a little bit differently. However, all are designed to help you avoid leakage while swimming on your period. 

The first type of period swimwear uses three layers of protective fabric. The top layer wicks moisture away from the skin, the middle layer absorbs and locks menstrual fluids, and the bottom layer keeps the fluid from leaking out. This type of period swimwear is very similar to period underwear

Woman wearing swimsuit on her period

Another type of period underwear has a cotton gusset that absorbs menstrual blood before it leaks out of the suit. An additional layer of mesh keeps the gusset dry and the skin feeling fresh.

Regardless of which type of period swimwear you choose, you’ll be able to find plenty of fun styles. Select something that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while knowing that you’re also staying leak-free. 

Best Brands for Period Swimwear

If you’re ready to invest in your own pair of period swimwear, there are a few different brands to be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the best period swimwear you can buy. 


Another brand well-known for its fantastic period underwear is ModiBodi. And, just like Knix, this company has come out with a line of period swimwear that keeps you covered even when you’re in the water. 

ModiBodi’s period bikini bottoms are the perfect choice for anyone who already owns a bikini top of their own. You can find them in both navy blue and black, meaning you can find the best color for what you already have. 

These panties are one of the most affordable period swimsuits out there, which makes them great no matter what your budget. Plus, they come in sizes ranging from youth to adult so that no matter how young or old you are, you’ll have plenty of period coverage. 

Check Modibodi Swimwear Collection

Keep in mind that these panties only hold about two tampons worth of fluid. That makes them great for anyone who has a lighter flow and doesn’t want to worry about disposable period products while in the water. 

Modibodi Red Eco Friendly Period Underwear For Swimming
Period swimwear by ModiBodi

Mordlanka Period Swimwear

Mordlanka offers a budget alternative to period swimwear. Best of all, their swim collection comes in different shapes and colours. Not just your old boring straight-cut black or navy! The material includes spandex and nylon and they are machine-washable.

Sizing goes from xs to xx large. As an affordable alternative, this is highly recommended by those who actively swim and use their swimsuits quite often.

Ruby Love

Ruby Love is a brand of period swimwear that has tons of versatility. You can choose colorful options as well as a variety of different styles. Plus, it’s available in sizes XS to 3XL.

The swimwear itself has an organic cotton liner that can hold up to three tampons worth of fluid. That means that you won’t need additional protection while wearing this type of swimwear. 


Knix is a popular period underwear brand, but they also make period swimwear. Knix’s period swimwear is a classic one-piece that’s delightfully comfy and incredibly flattering. 

The swimsuit comes with removable cups that make it easy to wash and is available in sizes ranging from A cups to G cups. The absorbent pad is completely invisible and the black color helps hide any additional spillage, making it a super-comfy option for anyone wanting a period swimsuit. 

Better yet, the company offers this swimsuit in teen sizes, too. Teen styles come in a wider variety of colors, making them perfect for girls who are just getting used to the world of menstruation

Teen wearing one piece swimwear

Frequently Asked Questions

Since period swimwear is a relatively new product it’s not uncommon to have a few questions. Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions about these products. 

Can you wear period underwear while swimming?

Period panties are NOT an effective option for swimming.

Even though period panties are designed for use without a pad or tampon on land, they don’t work that well in the water. The biggest issue here is that they are designed to absorb fluids – any fluids – including water.

Chances are your period panties will be soggy with water before they absorb your period. When swimming, it really is best to go for period swimwear or ‘normal’ swimwear used with a tampon or a menstrual cup.

Are period panties waterproof?

Although period panties will absorb your flow and keep moisture from leaking out, they’re not waterproof. That means that water can get into the material. And, when the material is overloaded with moisture, fluid will begin to leak out which can cause your period to flow out too. 

What should I wear when swimming on my period?

When it comes to swimming on your period you have a couple of different options. You can either use period swimwear or you can use an organic tampon or a menstrual cup.