About EnviroMom

My name is Silvia and I have been concerned about our family’s environmental impact for years, but failed to do much about it. Although I have not always been the most environmentally conscious person, as I get older I am realizing the importance of education and making a difference! My partner, Mark, is also instrumental in helping me with this blog as we are working on making change together!

Enviromom about us family photo
Silvia and Mark with their three kids

We want our three kids to be left a world that is more beautiful than ever before – and it will take change to make that happen.

So, this website will be a resource for anyone looking to jump on the bandwagon and do more good in the world!

Whether you are just starting down the road to greener living or have been doing it for years, you’ll find a supportive and respectful community of like-minded souls here. We subscribe to the ‘baby-step’ approach, which is the path I’ve both taken.

Making lifestyle changes can’t happen overnight, but it can happen over time with support and encouragement. That’s what we want to provide. As we navigate these environmental waters ourselves, we hope that our readers will see that if this busy mom can do it, so can you!