Period Stains In Underwear

How To Get Period Stains Out Of Underwear – 4 great tips

Sometimes Aunt Flow shows up when you’re just not expecting her. Suddenly, you’ve got a big red stain on your underwear that you’ve got to worry about before it gets any worse. 

What’s more, you put the panties in the wash but they still come out stained. Your once clean and white underwear is now ruined by an ugly brown stain. 

The good news is that all hope is not lost. We have identified 4 tips that you can easily apply to get stains out of underwear: 1)Be quick, 2)Rinse, 3)Spray, or 4)Use home home remedies.

These tips should work regardless of whether you’re cleaning period panties or regular underwear. Let’s check out what you need to know!

1 Act Quickly

The minute that you notice a period stain in your underwear, you should take them off and get ready to wash them. That’s because the longer you allow the stain to sit, the harder it is to get it out of the fabric. 

If you’re not able to wash it right away, you can leave it to soak in cold water overnight. The water will help pull out the stain so that when you do wash it, the fabric loses its stain more quickly.

2 Rinse the Undies in Cold Water

When it comes to underwear stains, the most important thing to do is to rinse the underwear in cold water. While tons of us think that the way to lift stains is with hot water, that’s NOT the case in fabric. 

The reason why hot water is not good for period stains is that hot water binds the proteins in the blood. When the proteins bind, they set into the fabric permanently, making it impossible for you to remove them. 

On top of that, when fabric gets hot it becomes looser. This allows the stain to sink further into the fabric and make it even more difficult to remove. 

Instead, if you have some period stains on your undies, run them under a cold water rinse. Or, place them in a bucket of cold water and leave them overnight. In the morning, you can wash them with your regular clothes to get rid of the rest of the stain. 

3 Use an Enzyme Spray

Discharge and blood are made up of proteins, which means that the fastest way to get a period stain out of clothing is to use an enzymatic spray. These sprays help break down the proteins and lift the stain from the fabric. 

While you can buy enzymatic detergents to throw in with your laundry, it’s better to use a spray. The spray lets you target the area directly, helping get the stain out more efficiently. 

Just remember to allow the spray to sit on the fabric for a few minutes before putting it in the washing machine. This helps ensure that the stain really will come out of the fabric and that your efforts weren’t in vain. 

4 Home Remedies for Period Stains

Red and white panties representing period stains

Aside from these quick fixes and tips for getting period stains out of underwear, there are a few eco-friendly, homemade stain removers you can try. Here are a few of the most popular stain removers for period blood.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Any homeowner should have hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinet because of its many uses. It’s great for cleaning your teeth, cleaning out cuts and wounds, and even getting rid of period stains!

To use hydrogen peroxide on period stains, dip a rag into the chemical and gently dab it onto the stain. After a few minutes of dabbing, the stain should disappear, although you may need to repeat the process a couple of times first. 

When the stain vanishes, rinse the underwear in cold water. Then, place them on a cold cycle in the laundry machine to finish up the job!

If you’re going to use hydrogen peroxide, just be aware that it can be a bleaching agent. This method is best for light-colored fabrics so that you don’t come out with a bleached stain instead of a period stain. 

Lemon Juice

Most of us have lemons on hand in our refrigerator. And, instead of making lemonade, you can use them to help lift period stains out of your underwear. 

Since lemons are so acidic, they work as a natural stain remover. To use them, just squeeze or pour some lemon juice over the period stain and allow it to sit for between five and ten minutes. 

When the time is up, rinse the stain in cold water. If it’s still not completely gone, treat the stain again using the same method. Once you notice that the stain has disappeared, wash the underwear on a cold cycle.


Salt is another fast and easy way to get period stains out of panties. For this method, mix up a solution of two parts water and one part salt. 

Using a sponge, gently apply the mixture to the stain. Rub the fabric to pull out the stain. Repeat the process as many times as you need to get rid of the stain. 

When you notice the stain has disappeared, rinse the panties in cold water and then wash them on a cold cycle. 

Baking Soda

A simple baking soda paste can also pull period stains out of panties. For this remedy, mix one-part water and two parts baking soda into a paste. 

Apply the paste to the stain and allow it to sit. You should leave the paste on the stain for a minimum of thirty minutes but can leave it overnight if you have a particularly tough spot.

When your time is up, rinse off the paste. Then, wash the underwear on a cold cycle to get rid of any remaining paste.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my underwear have brown stains?

It is normal for blood coming out of the uterus to turn slightly brown thanks to a process called ‘oxidation’ – which is basically a fancy name for blood that has been exposed to oxygen. This typically happens on light menstrual flow days when it takes longer for the blood to leave the uterus and get to the outside world – after travelling via the cervix and the vagina.

Why does my period blood get on my underwear?

Leaks most often happen when you’re wearing the wrong size tampon or pad. However, they can also happen if your menstrual cup fills up or if your pad shifts places, allowing blood to leak onto your underwear. 

What do you do if you stain your underwear with period blood?

If you stain your underwear with period blood, don’t panic. Place the underwear in cold water and allow them to soak overnight before washing them with the rest of your clothes to get rid of the stain. 

Does period blood wash off underwear?

Although period blood doesn’t wash off underwear right away, you can remove the stain by treating it with salt, lemon juice, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide. Then, you’ll be able to wash the panties to get rid of the stain.