Kind Laundry Review

Kind Laundry Review | Eco-friendly laundry detergent

More people realize that everyday items, such as laundry detergents, are the cause of the waste that piles up in landfills – bottles are particularly bad! While we do our bit to reuse and recycle, the waste is still quite a lot! Reducing waste is no doubt better than recycling!

Many companies are working to make products with little to no waste, and I’d say that Kind Laundry succeeded!

I’ve tried Kind Laundry Sheets, and here are my two cents on the matter!

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Who Is Kind Laundry?

Kind Laundry started in the laundry room of Bernard Law and Angie Tran. Like the rest of us, they hated the laundry jugs, trying to measure the correct amount of detergent according to a load of clothes and the overall laundry chores.

They also hated the bulky, plastic detergent bottles and the chemicals found in detergents that harm the environment.

Bernard and Angie put their heads together to find an easier, environmentally friendly, safer way to do laundry. This is how Kind Laundry was born. They knew that other people shared the same concerns and wanted to reduce plastic consumption. There aren’t many laundry detergent options out there that are eco-conscious, so their customer base was already built!

Now, Kind Laundry is known as the ‘zero waste laundry sheets’ and is continuously succeeding as the better alternative to detergent. The brand is eco-friendly, as well as free of toxic chemicals, cruelty-free, and travel-friendly.

Kind Laundry Eco Friendly Detergent Sheets

What Products Does Kind Laundry Make?

Kind Laundry is slowly building its product base. These are the products they currently sell on their website.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

One of their most famous products, these detergent sheets are compact and fit easily in your cabinet. One package contains 60 sheets, which can be used for 60 loads. You can even cut them in half if you are doing a smaller load, so even more savings!

Kind Laudnry’s price varies from $0.28/load to $0.33, depending on whether you subscribe or make a one-off purchase. Further discounts also apply for ‘bundle’ deals – when you buy multiple boxes!

Kind Laundry’s subscription service is a great option for those who want their sheets every one to six months. You get free shipping and a 15% discount when you opt for the subscription.

Stain Remover Bar

Stains beware!

Kind Laundry also formulated vegan and gluten-free stain remover soap bars that can remove difficult stains, such as ink, dye, and other stains that a normal detergent cannot eliminate. Rub the soap bar on the stain, leave it to sit for a while, then wash it as normal. The soap does not contain sulfate or phosphate, which keeps your clothes and your skin safe.

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer balls reduce drying time by 25% and soften stiff clothes. It’s also convenient on those rainy days; however, traditional dryer balls are usually packed with harmful chemicals, which can irritate your skin.

Kind Laundry creates wool dryer balls made from pure 100% New Zealand wool, which does not contain dyes, fragrances, chemicals, or synthetic filters. One box has three dryer balls, which are all added to the dryer. The dryer balls are super durable and can last for 1000 loads.

Mesh Laundry Bag

A mesh laundry bag is a must in every laundry room. The mesh bag protects your delicate clothes from mixing with other clothes and heavy loads. It also makes it easier to find clothes in a huge load of laundry!

Kind Laundry Sustainable Laundry Eco Strips

How Do the Kind Laundry Sheets Work?

Kind Laundry Sheets work like usual detergent liquids, powders, or pods. Laundry sheets are plastic-free sheets of concentrated laundry detergent held together by dissolvable paper and resin.

You simply pop them in some water, then into your load of clothes, and watch the magic happen! The sheets can dissolve in cold or hot water and do not make many suds. This ensures that your clothes are free of residue.

The packaging is compostable and saves lots of space in your laundry cupboard compared to traditional detergents. The sheets are free from dyes, bleaches, phosphates, and parabens, making them the best choice for sensitive skin and delicate clothing.

Although laundry sheets, such as Kind Laundry and Tru Earth, among others, are a new category in laundry, they pique interest in everyone, as biodegradable products are on the rise.

What Ingredients Are Found in the Kind Laundry Sheets?

The company promises that its products are made from non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, so no harm comes to the environment.

Kind Laundry contains the following:

  • Plant-derived cleaning agent called Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
  • Biodegradable polymer called Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • Biodegradable grease remover called Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol Ether
  • Glycerin
  • Deionized Water
  • Palm Kernel Acid
  • Sodium Palm Kernelate
  • Sodium Cocoate
  • Sodium Palmate
pile of towels and laundry basket

Let’s Look at the Laundry Sheets in Action

I have rated the Kind Laundry sheets in terms of their value, performance, customer support, product offerings, and ease of use.

#1- Cleaning Clothes/Performance (8.5/10)

There are a lot of positive reviews around Kind Laundry, which talk about their cleaning power and ease of use. Although the sheets do not contain chemicals, they can remove stubborn stains while protecting your clothes.

I found that the sheets dissolve quickly in hot or cold water and are safe to use with all types of washers. This includes hard water and HE models. I prefer the unscented version, so it’s safe for my sensitive skin and the boys.

I did come across some negative reviews, which say that the sheets left a residue on the clothes. I have never experienced this, but the issue may be with how the sheet is used, not the sheet itself.

#2- Ease of Use (9/10)

The laundry sheets are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Obviously, my favorite thing is that the book-sized box takes up very minimal space in the cupboard. Since the sheets are very easy to use, they are best suited for seniors and children learning to be independent (supervised, though!).

Compared to other eco-brands, Kind Laundry gets the most reviews with ease of use, and I can see why!

You simply add the sheet to water before putting the clothes. Let the sheet dissolve completely, then put the clothes to wash. The sheet can also be used in handwashing, which scores it an easy 9/10 in my books!

#3- What They Offer (5/10)

Kind Laundry does not have a wide range of products. They only sell detergent sheets, stain remover bars, wool dryer balls, and a mesh laundry bag. You can buy these items individually or in bulk. It would be nice to see what else the brand can offer, but I guess they have to work on it!

Kind offers a subscription service and amazing discounts when you buy two or more detergent sheets. You can build your bundle of products and get free shipping! You can easily cancel your subscription, but only after a minimum of 3 charges.

pile of dirty clothes for laundry

#4- Are They Worth It (8/10)

Kind Laundry outperforms traditional detergents and other eco-brands, such as Earth Breeze. Using these easy sheets instead of bulky plastic bottles and jugs saves a lot of plastic and harmful chemicals from going into the ocean.

I admit that Kind Laundry sheets are a little more expensive than other brands, but you get discounts if you sign up for the subscription or buy in bulk. You get 60 sheets, which can be used in 60 loads of laundry. In comparison, though, it is cheaper than Tru Earth.

However, if you have clothes with stubborn stains or more than a normal load, you might use two sheets. Kind Laundry has a 30-day money-back return if you’re unhappy with the product.

#5- Subscription and Customer Support (7/10)

You can email Kind Laundry or call the toll-free number for customer service. They don’t have official hours but are active on social media and usually get back to you within an hour. Kind Laundry has an automated response on Facebook so that you can get answers to basic questions.

The brand does not have a presence on major review websites, so it is hard to find feedback about customer service.

Like many other detergent manufacturers, Kind Laundry offers a subscription service. I am a big fan of subscribing to items that you know you need on a regular basis. Most importantly, Kind Laundry’s subscription is easy to cancel, pause or make date changes.

My Rating on Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets

Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets are definitely a win, and they scored an 8 out of 10 in my laundry room. If the eco-brand has more of an online presence, I feel I would score them higher, according to more reviews.

They should also get environmental certifications, such as their competitors, so they increase the credibility of the brand. However, Kind Laundry is a good choice if you want to be eco-friendly and want to do your part to reduce plastic waste.

The ease of use with these sheets is the number 1 thing for me. I mean, who doesn’t love convenience?!

person putting on a load of laundry

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Kind Laundry sheets manufactured?

These laundry sheets are made in China.

How many detergent sheets should I use?

One sheet is enough for a normal load of clothes. If you have a pile of stinky clothes (those with kids know!), then two sheets. For extra-large loads with linens and bed sheets, then two to three sheets.

Must the sheet be placed in the detergent dispenser of my washing machine?

Nope. You pop a detergent sheet with your load of clothes, whether you have a top or front-load washing machine.