Dropps Review - Plant Powered Cleaning That Works

Dropps Review: Plant Powered Cleaning That Works

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In my change to go “green” cleaning was of course at the top of the list. I know how bad over the counter products are with chemicals but was not familiar with any of the more natural brands out there. Then I met Dropps.

Dropps appeared in my inbox one day to tell me about themselves and I was intrigued and definitely wanted to learn more about their environmentally friendly laundry and dishwasher options.

They did send me a sample box of their dish detergent and their laundry detergent to test out – and test I did! Below are the results and what I think about Dropps. They did not pay me for this review – this is an honest review based on my own experience.

About Dropps

If you have not heard of Dropps they are an eco-friendly business that took notoriously “not earth friendly” products and turned them into one. Laundry and dishwater detergent are typically filled with chemicals and plastics that are harmful to our environment, but they changed the game.

Dropp has been creating environmentally friendly laundry dtergent since 2008

What Products Does Dropps Offer?

They have a pretty large collection of all-natural cleaning products that will cover all of your home cleaning needs. Below are a list of the products they currently offer:

  • Laundry detergent pods – available in the following scents: clean, lavender eucalyptus and unscented. They also have a sensitive skin option in fresh scent and unscented.
  • Fabric softener pods with a scent booster in the following scents: clean, lavender eucalyptus, orange blossom and unscented.
  • Oxi booster pods for tough stains and odors
  • Dish detergent pods in unscented or lemon scent
  • Laundry bags for your gentles
  • Wool dryer balls that help reduce wrinkles and lower drying time

Dropps Laundry Detergent Pods

Dropps laundry pods are small clear pods that you just throw in with your wash. I used 1 pod per load and have to give a big shout out to the cleanliness of my clothes! I tested with a load I did after photographing some dogs one afternoon – and I was definitely muddied up from the day. My jeans had plenty of paw prints – which were gone after the one wash.

I was pleasantly surprised because I really did not have high hopes for the pod to remove that dirt.

Dropp Laundry Pod Features

  • I have a HE/high efficiency and made sure the pods worked with it – and they do! They work with all washing machine types.
  • Various scents are available – I only tested with unscented so cannot speak for this feature.
  • All ingredients are natural and derived from plants.
  • Safe on even the most delicate clothing.
  • No phosphates, dyes, chlorine, enzymes or chemical brighteners.

Dropps Dishwasher Pods

Similar to the laundry pods – the dishwasher pods kicked but at cleaning my greasy gross dishes. Not sure how they do it, but these pods just work. My plates filled with the stickiest muck came out super clean – my normal pods have trouble even doing this many times.

They are made to work in all types of dishwashers – from small to big and like their laundry pods they contain no artificial ingredients.

Dropps Cost

You may be surprised at how affordable Dropps is! I was! I learned that pods are typically more expensive than normal detergent, but the reward to the environment is worth those few pennies.

The most expensive Dropps option would be if you ordered 1 box of pods that did 64 loads (which comes out to 38 cents per load). The price would be much lower if you buy a subscription or a bigger package.

If you were to order the larger box at 240 loads you would then pay 20 cents per load.

A standard 81 count Tide pods would cost roughly 25 cent per load.

So ordering Dropps in bulk will be a more cost effective option – and you will be doing a whole lot of awesomeness for the earth, which is priceless for your children.

Dropps Pod Materials

The Dropps pod is pretty cool as well! It is a clear pod made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and is water soluble – meaning it will disintegrate in the wash. Whether I tested it with hot or cold water, I could not find traces of it anywhere.

One of the reasons I never used pods before Dropps was because I heard they often do not completely disintegrate in the wash and many were finding pieces of the pods in the wash or stuck to clothes.

Dropps Shipping & Storage Packaging

Dropps arrives in a 100% recyclable box that is also repulpable and compostable – so much better than those box plastic bottles from the store! Dropps is serious about helping the environment – so the box it ships in is also the box that will store the pods in your home.

One box – 2 uses – gotta love that as someone who cares about our world.

Although I don’t have little ones around anymore – the boxes also seem to do well in the child-proofing department. Toddlers will find it difficult to open the cardboard safety lock – as long you remember to close it of course!

Final Thoughts

I have completely converted – I am now moving forward as a loyal Dropps customer and will even make sure my college aged kid will be using these at her school! The reviews around the web are amazing and I could not find any negative comments – which speaks volumes about the brand!

If you are looking to be environmentally friendly – the Dropps products are a great addition to your home to help you on this journey to making the world a better place.

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