Dropps Oxi Booster Review

Dropps Oxi Booster Review | Eco-Friendly Bleach Alternative

Oxi Boosters are the new-in things in the laundry department. From messy sauce stains to unruly sweet stains, Oxi is ready for them all. I was lucky to receive a sample from Dropps for the purpose of this review.

Dropps Oxi Boosters are an all-natural, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic pod made for the toughest odors and stains – and it works! It is made from chlorine-free bleach and can be used on white or colored clothes.

Dynamite really comes in small packages, in the case of Dropps Oxi Booster, a pod!

What Is Dropps Oxi Booster Made Up Of?

Oxi Booster is a pod of magic, which lifts stains, revives whites, and keeps your colors bright and happy.

With these bold claims, I’m sure you’re wondering what Oxi Booster is actually made of and why they are laundry’s best friend.

Apart from the nitty-gritty on the Dropps website, the pod contains certain enzymes that fight stains. Enzymes fighting stains is not something new, however, these pods do not contain a common enzyme called cellulase, which is known to ruin cotton and linen. Oxi Boosters use protease (targets protein-based stains) and amylase (starch-based stains) instead.

Oxi Boosters also contain oxidants (hence the name, Oxi!) which directly attack the stain or dirt at the base and wash it down the drain. Most of the work is done by pure science!

If there’s one thing I really love about these boosters, it’s that the pod itself is made from a material called polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). It dissolves as soon as it hits the water. Dropps really knew what they did with this, keeping our laundry fresh AND our planet safe.

Is Dropps Oxi Booster Effective For Laundry?

Short answer – yes, very effective!

When I first used Oxi Boosters, I definitely noticed a difference. I usually use Earth Breeze because of its minimal packaging and ingredients list, but Dropps’ creation really had me curious.

I prefer eco-friendly pods such as Oxi Booster over store-bought ones any day. Carefully looking at the labels of store-bought detergent pods, I was surprised at the number of harmful ingredients that fill them up. These go from fragrances to dyes.

Oxi Booster brightens clothes with the help of minerals and not chlorine (traditionally present in bleach), so your clothes won’t have that ‘pool smell.’ They also say that their pods do not have artificial dyes, so you can pop them in with any color! It’s also unscented – perfect for babies or pets.

How To Use Dropps Oxi Booster?

You must use the pod with your normal laundry detergent for the best results. The film will just dissolve in water! No need to worry about it.

Toss your pod into your drum, add your load of laundry, then choose your cycle. It’s as easy as that! Dropps Oxi Booster pods will do the rest of the work. According to the website, Dropps uses 3rd party, independent labs to test their innovative formula, which confirms their effectiveness.

Always have dry hands when handling the pods, and don’t overload your machine. After use, close your box of pods and always have your child lock on to protect your curious toddlers and fur babies.

Psst! It’s HE compatible too!

What Are The Best Ways To Use Dropps Oxi Booster Pods?

There are literally over 100 uses for these pods, from cleaning cloth diapers to a futon cover. But I can’t discuss them all here, so I’m going to tell you all my favorites!

Carpet Stains

Little accidents such as a wine spill, a dirty-pawed dog, or sauce stains may have your carpet looking drab and sad. Maintaining carpets is a big responsibility and truly a headache to keep clean (if you don’t have a steam cleaner), however, one Oxi Booster can help!

Dissolve a pod in ½ gallon of cold water. Put the solution on the stain and let it soak for 5 minutes. Use a clean white towel to blot the stain, and repeat the process until it fades away. Rinse with water and blot until the area is dry.

Remove Makeup… From Everything

Makeup is a stain magnet, from foundation to red lipstick, it will stain anything it comes in contact with. We’ve been there, especially if makeup got on our white dresses.

Be it your towels, shirts, skirts, a piece of cloth, anything! An Oxi Booster into the machine is all you need to get that makeup off. Just wash on your normal cycle and you’re good to go.

Whiten and Brighten Towels and Linen

White And Bright Laundry

If you have yellowed clothes, no stress!

Soak your items in cold water with an Oxi Booster pod before washing as normal. If the clothes are too stained, soak them for 1 to 5 hours.

Keep Your Dark Colors Fresh

I prefer to keep my black jeans and hoodies dark, but the color is soon to fade with many washes. Dropps Oxi Booster can prevent color fading. Pop your pod in with your laundry and wash on the coldest setting when washing your clothes.

Coldwater + Oxi Booster = Dark clothes!

Although Dropps Oxi Booster is color-safe, some of your clothes might not be colorfast. Double-check first!

Goodbye Grime!

Dropps Oxi Booster is even effective in cleaning tiles and grout. You can make a concentrated paste of the pod by dissolving it in a smaller amount of cold water. Once you have your paste, use an old brush to apply it to any dirty surface.

Let the paste sit for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how dirty the surface is. Rinse clean with cold water and pat dry.

Dirty To Clean Bathroom Tiles

You can even use our pod solution in the toilet bowl for an extra fresh look and smell. Apart from washing laundry, Dropps Oxi Booster is also a great addition to normal cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropps Oxi Booster an alternative to chlorine bleach?

Yes. Although the pods do not contain chlorine, it is an effective color-safe bleach alternative. It works through oxygen-based bleach, which effectively brightens whites and fights stains more gently than chlorine-based bleach.

It also doesn’t give your clothes that heavy chemical smell!

How does Dropps Oxi Booster work?

The pods work with the power of oxidation and a combination of beneficial enzymes. The oxygen fizzes and cuts through tough stains with an alternative bleaching ability, while the enzymes add an extra stain-fighting ability.