How To Get Pipe Dope Out Of Work Clothes

How To Get Pipe Dope Out Of Work Clothes | 4 methods 

Whether you’re a real plumber or a real mumma doing some home repairs (I always try fixing things before I get someone to come and do it), it’s easy to get pipe dope on your clothing. This messy substance can easily set in and leave a big mess on your clothes. 

So, want to learn how to get pipe dope out of work clothes? There are a few ways you can do so, including with cologne, acetone, brake cleaner, and bleach. Let’s check them out!

1 Throw Some Bleach in the Washer

We know bleach is a substance that can tackle pretty tough stains. That’s why it’s a great cleaning agent for getting rid of pipe dope stains on your clothes. 

You’ll want to throw this into the washing machine along with your clothes and your favorite household laundry detergent. Only add about two tablespoons of bleach or oxi-booster to the machine when you go to wash your clothing. Adding more can damage the fabric and lead to other issues. 

Keep in mind that once your garment comes out of the laundry machine you’ll need to rewax it. The good news is that you should be doing this every two to three years anyway, so you can consider it part of your regular maintenance. 

2 Brighten Up Your Clothes With Cologne

A Man Is Using A Cologne

When most of us think cologne we think of fresh scents that we apply before heading out on a first date. However, you can actually use cologne to get pipe dope stains out of your clothing, too. 

  1. Start by scraping as much of the pipe dope off the clothes as you can. 
  2. Pour the cologne onto the clothing and rub it into the pipe dope stain. 
  3. Once the cologne is fully absorbed into the clothing, launder them as usual. 
  4. If when you remove the clothes from the wash you still see a stain, you can try using one of the other methods on this list. 
  5. Or, you can repeat the cologne process. 

3 Grab the Nail Polish Remover

Another method that some people use to get pipe dope out of clothes is acetone, which can be purchased outright or in nail polish remover. The acetone shouldn’t hurt your clothes, especially if you’re dealing with industrial-grade clothing.

  1. For this method, dip a rag in acetone. 
  2. Then, use a rag to dab at the pipe dope stain. 
  3. You should notice that the stain starts to lift. 
  4. If the stain persists, soak the clothing itself in the acetone. Just make sure not to leave it for too long or the acetone can damage the clothing. 

4 Apply a Bit of Brake Cleaner

If you’re in a pinch, brake cleaner can work wonders when it comes to getting pipe dope out of your clothes. For this method, you’ll need to find a spray can of non-chlorinated brake cleaner.

A Man Is Using A Brake Cleaner
  1. First, spot test the brake cleaner on a patch of your clothing. This will help you ensure that it doesn’t lift the color out of your clothes and cause more issues. 
  2. Next, place the clothing between two towels. Soak up the worst of the pipe dope with the towels.
  3. Spray the brake cleaner on the area where the pipe dope stain is. 
  4. Then, launder the clothes as normal. 
  5. When the clothing comes out of the wash, you should notice that the stain is no longer visible.
  6.  If it is, repeat the process. 

Brake cleaner works well because it helps you get the last of gooey, greasy materials such as pipe dope out of your clothes. You can usually combine this method with some of the others for peskier stains. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Pipe Joint Compound Out of Clothes?

If you’ve got pipe joint compound on your clothes, you can use nail polish remover, brake cleaner, or bleach to get it out of your garments. The method that provides the best results tends to be the brake cleaner method.

How Do You Dissolve Pipe Dope?

You can dissolve pipe dope using acetone. However, this only works for certain kinds of pipe dope. You’ll need to test the acetone on a portion of the pipe dope before you go soaking your garment in this chemical. 

How Do You Get Pipe Sealant Off Your Skin?

You can’t use the same methods for getting pipe dope off your skin as you would for getting it out of clothing. If you’ve got pipe dope on your hands, go to a ventilated area and wet a cotton pad with nail polish remover. Rub the nail polish remover on your hand until the pipe dope begins to loosen.