How To Get Hemp Smell Out Of Clothes

How to Get Hemp Smell Out of Clothes – Effective and Easy Methods!

Hemp looks and smells like weed, and this smell can stick to your clothes pretty fast. If you’re one of the unlucky few who just can’t get the smell out of your clothes, read on for my tips and tricks!

From something unconventional like putting your clothes in the freezer to something that makes more sense, like fresh air and sunlight. This guide got it all!

Why Does Hemp Smell Stick to Clothes?

Hemp and weed aren’t the same things, as hemp does not have the famous element THC that gets you high. Instead, hemp provides a sense of calm and regulates moods and relaxation, which helps with anxiety.

Although they are not the same, the smell is pretty much the same, and they have a nasty way of lingering on your clothes.

If you accidentally spilled hemp oil on your clothes, you’re stuck with the same smell.

Hemp contains a compound called terpenes. When you smoke hemp, it smells like weed but with a more earthy and smoky scent. Once they are lit, the terpenes are released, which gives off the smell.

This smell clings to EVERYTHING, with your clothes being the first victim. It’s a similar kind of pain like when you get marijuana resin on your clothes.

But I have surefire methods to get that hemp smell off your clothes!

Plain Ol’ Sunlight

Clothes On Clothesline

The sun is nature’s bleach and odor-killer.

Hang your affected clothes on your clothesline (if you’re allowed to have one) or hanger outside. Let it flow freely in the wind, as the air will basically carry the odors away.

The heat from the sun is enough to take away that pesky hemp smell. If the smell is faint, you can leave it for a couple of hours. If it’s too strong, leave it for an entire day. You can check your clothes by giving them a little sniff.

Just watch it doesn’t rain!


You can use the steam function of your iron or handheld steamer to get the hemp smell off your clothes. Before steaming, check if your clothes are safe to do so.

This heated steam loosens the fibres in the fabric to kill the bacteria causing the odor. It also has the ability to remove persistent stains.

White Vinegar

White vinegar has soooo many uses, from giving your fries an amazing tang to an inexpensive cleaning agent. Vinegar also has the ability to take off the hemp smell from your clothes.

Here’s how you use white vinegar for hemp smell.

  • Wash your clothes as normal. Before using the vinegar, wash your clothes as normal with your laundry detergent. I advise you to add a sheet or pod as well to get most of the smell off.
  • Add some vinegar to your rinse cycle. Once your clothes are washed, pause it before it gets to the rinse cycle. Add some vinegar to the washing machine. Your washing machine will use vinegar and water to rinse your clothes to lift the smell off.
  • You can use your dryer, but I advise you to hang your clothes where there is direct sunlight and air. This will help with the hemp smell as well.
Woman Smells T Shirt Next To Washing Machine

*If you’re washing your clothes by hand, soak the clothes in vinegar first before washing them. You can repeat as needed but watch not to wash too often as you may ruin the color of your garments.

Put Your Clothes in the Freezer

Putting your clothes in the freezer can actually lift odors off. I know, right?!

You can either put them as is or in a bag. The cold air will target the odor and bacteria, which eventually lifts the smell off the clothes. This trick works with many unpleasant-smelling clothes too!

Baking Soda

Yet another lifesaver when it comes to odors and smells. I can’t count how many times baking soda has saved me from a nasty stain or smell. Even both!

Use your secret weapon like so:

  • Soak your garments in water and baking soda before washing. Make sure that the baking soda is properly dissolved to avoid a white residue on your clothes. Let it soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash your clothes with detergent after 20 minutes. Add your detergent and wash as normal.
  •  Let it air dry for the best results. Apart from the smell, baking soda is sure to get out any stains you may have missed while washing.

Water and Bleach

White T Shirt And Bleach

While this is a very effective method of getting hemp smell off your clothes, I listed it last because it has the potential to damage certain types and colors of clothes. Bleach is best-suited for white clothes.

However, if you have color-safe bleach, then that’s even better!

Mix some water and bleach together. It should be 10% bleach and 90% water. Soak your clothes in the solution for about 10 minutes. If you feel that the smell is too strong, let it soak for longer, but be careful! Bleach can damage your clothes if you leave them unattended.

You can compare bleach to a bored toddler, completely destructive!

Then finally, rinse your clothes in cold water. Let it air dry.

Tips to Avoid Hemp Smell on Your Clothes

Hemp smell tends to stick to everyyything. But I have some tips to help you reduce the work in trying to get them off your favorite clothes.

Smoke Outside

It’s best to enjoy a session outside, where it is well-ventilated, and the smoke can be dispersed quickly. This does not give it a chance to cling to anything, including the walls or furniture. If you’re handling hemp oil, wear an apron to protect your clothes.

Wear Natural Fabric

Try not to wear synthetic fabric when having your sessions. Natural fabric such as cotton has a lower possibility of the hemp smell sticking to it.

I once saw a recommendation to have ‘smoking clothes.’ Basically, you put on a specific set of clothes before going to smoke. While this may be effective, not everyone can follow suit with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you neutralize hemp smell?

Open up your windows and doors to air the house out. To neutralize the smell, you can dilute vinegar and place them around the room so it can absorb the odor.