Can You Put Mesh Laundry Bags In The Dryer

Laundry Care 101: Can You Put Mesh Laundry Bags in the Dryer

Laundry bags are an important part of my laundry, as I always have mixed loads. Since the kids’ clothes are more delicate than ours, theirs are always washed in the laundry bags.

Luckily, mesh laundry bags are totally safe to go in the dryer. They can keep doing their job from the washing machine to the dryer. All you have to do is ensure that the clothes in the bag are suitable to go in the dryer.

In my opinion, the mesh ones are the best!

Is It Safe to Put My Clothes in the Laundry Bag in the Dryer?


Since most laundry bags are made from nylon or polyester, they are super safe to go in the dryer. These materials can handle the heat of the dryer. However, always check the label of your laundry bags before popping them in the dryer.

Your bag and your clothes will be safe in the dryer. It’s best to run a low-heat cycle though (better to be safe than sorry)! From there, you can go higher according to how your clothes handle it.

Make sure that the mesh laundry bad doesn’t have metal accessories, as this could spell bad news for your dryer. It’s easy to push all your clothes into the bag and throw them from the machine to the dryer, however, overfilling your bags can lead to your clothes not being clean or dried.

Plus, you can damage the drum of your dryer too!

What Clothes Should I Put in a Mesh Laundry Bag?

Putting Delicate Laundry In Mesh Bags

You can use mesh laundry bags for most clothes and fabric types. Usually, you should put the following items in a laundry bag:

  • Lingerie, bras, and other underwear
  • Baby clothes (or doggie clothes, if you may!)
  • Bathing suits
  • Silk sheets and clothes
  • Lace clothes
  • Sweaters
  • Satin clothes

Although you can put your denim items, tops, and shirts in the bag, it’s not advised as they don’t really need protecting. These fabrics are strong enough to be washed as normal. Don’t fill your bag right to its capacity, as your items may not get cleaned and dried properly.

Mesh laundry bags cannot be used for the following:

  • Your blankets, comforters, or rugs
  • Anything that can melt in the dryer
  • Items that should NOT be in the dryer, such as wigs.

Your laundry bag cannot protect what’s not meant to be in the dryer anyway!

What Can I Use Instead of a Laundry Bag?

If you don’t have a laundry bag on hand or don’t like the idea of nylon or polyester, that’s okay! You can use an alternative to mesh laundry bags, which is something you probably have at home. An old pillowcase makes a fine laundry bag, too!

Woman Holding Pillows

Secure the pillowcase with a few safety pins, and pop it into your washing machine as normal. It will work exactly like a mesh bag. If you have time and a sewing machine with some creativity, you can make your own laundry bag with the pillowcase. You can also attach a zipper, like a real bag!

Tips for Using a Mesh Laundry Bag

  • Put on any buckles, zip up your clothes, and clip on your bras before putting them in the bag.
  • Use appropriate detergent suited for your clothes. I recently tried Earth Breeze Laundry Strips, and what an addition to my laundry! They’re also perfect for sensitive clothes, like underwear.
  • Wash and dry all your clothes accordingly. Low heat, cold water, and a normal cycle are usually safe for all clothes. Don’t forget to check your labels!

These tips will keep your clothes in tip-top condition.

Looking for the best mesh laundry bags to buy? Here are some guidelines for purchasing too!

  • Try not to buy mesh bags with drawstrings. While they are also secure, the strings can get tangled or caught on something, which causes a problem. Laundry bags with zippers are the best!
  • Get a big bag. This gives enough space for the water to get into the bag to get your clothes clean. Alternatively, if you can, get different sized bags for different sizes of items.
  • The mesh should be made from nylon or polyester as they are strong enough to withstand the washing machine’s whooshing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mesh laundry bags protect your clothes?

Yes! It protects your delicate clothing from getting old or colored. The bag allows water to get through easily, washing your clothes normally while protecting it. This is especially beneficial if you’re washing something with a lot of sequins.

How to use mesh laundry bags?

It’s super simple. When you sort out your laundry and have clothing that needs some extra attention, such as baby clothes, silk pillowcases or underwear, you put them in the mesh bag. Make sure it’s zipped up before putting it with the rest of the wash. Put your cycle as usual.