Can I Put My Wig In The Dryer

Can I Put My Wig In The Dryer — A Quick Fix or Tangle?

I have to admit that I always go on the path of convenience. If it’s easy, I want to do it! Many people are like me and have the same question of can they put their wig in the dryer.

But you should know, although it’s super easy, you should NOT dry your wig in the dryer. Air drying is best, and it can be fast-tracked with a few tricks.

Wigs cannot withstand such high amounts of heat or friction. This goes for heat-friendly ones that you usually use heating tools to style. The dryer will melt the hair fibers, tangle it to the greatest measure, and leave it looking… horrible!

What Happens If I Put My Wig In The Clothes Dryer?

Woman Taking Off Wig

Your wig will fall victim to lots of friction and heat. Let’s see what happens when your wig is exposed to these elements.

Too Much Heat

I don’t mean this in the slang of looking good (which you probably do!). Literally, the dryer provides too much heat that can damage your wig.

Even human hair ones and synthetic wigs that you use heating tools to make curls or iron out are not made to withstand such high levels of heat. The heat will burn and melt the fibers of the wig, making it hard to style. You might even notice bald spots and missing hair from the wig.

The high heat can also cause the wig cap or bonds to become misshapen. The dryer can also damage your lace front wigs, making them hard to put on and set on your head. And lace fronts are pretty expensive too!


The dryer spins very fast in order to create heat and friction to dry your clothes. This spinning and moving around so fast does not spell good news for your wigs.

While this may dry your wigs, the friction can cause your wigs to become very matted and tangled. These knots will be IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Unless you’re willing to cut your wigs, you’re looking at a permanently damaged wig.

Whether the wig is synthetic or made from human hair, you are at risk of tangling them. Friction can damage the fibers of the wig, which can cause a loss of hair. Even if your wigs survive the tumble, you’re looking at split ends, dryness, and frizz!

So, How Do I Dry My Wig Properly? 

The dryer isn’t the best option for your wigs, especially if you’re trying to make them last longer. Since they require patience and time to dry properly, it’s best to wash (preferably with gentle and natural products) and dry them well before you plan on using them.

Drying your wig properly is the key to effective wig care. You shouldn’t be squeezing, wringing, or rubbing your wig with a towel to dry it. This can make your wig super frizzy and static. Think about when you rub your own hair! You get those annoying fly-aways.

When your wig is wet, it’s vulnerable as the water can stretch the fibers, leaving your wig in a weird shape.

Person Wearing A Damaged Wig

Follow these steps to dry your wig properly while avoiding a misshaping!

#1 Pat Dry with a Microfiber Cloth or Towel

After washing, you have to get out the excess water from the wig. You can do this by gently patting the wig with a clean towel or microfiber cloth. Have another clean towel laid out, then put the damp wig on this towel to soak up all the water.

Although this may take a while, it ensures that your wig is taken care of with no breakage. Squeezing and wringing the wig may cause the fibers to break off the wig cap. You can also use a cotton T-shirt, as it is gentle enough to dry the wig.

#2 Nature Is the Best Method

Air drying your wig is one of the best methods, although it takes the longest.

Leave your wig on its wig stand in a room temperature environment, maybe where there’s indirect sunlight. Don’t leave it in the bathroom, as there’s too much moisture in there. The steam may result in mildew on your wig!

Air drying the wig ensures that it looks its best while being super manageable and stylish.

You have to consider that your wig will take longer to dry on the colder days, so remember to wash your wig in advance. Leave your wig to dry overnight if you have a synthetic wig.

#3 Hairdryer (On Low Heat)

This is advised for human hair wigs, as you should never use a hair dryer on synthetic wigs. You can let your wig air dry halfway; then, you can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting. Human hair wigs can handle low heat from the hairdryer, however, it’s best to ensure that the wig is fairly dry.

Use a heat-protecting spray before using the hairdryer. Make sure that your wig’s wig cap and roots are dry, as a moist environment can introduce unwanted guests, like bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my wig in the microwave?

Yes, you can, but only for human hair wigs. You can put your wigs on low heat in 30-second intervals. Don’t leave it unattended, and check it every 30 seconds, so you don’t damage the hair fibers or cap. After about 2 minutes, your wig should be soft.