reel toilet paper review - bamboo TP

Reel Toilet Paper Review | Eco-friendly bamboo TP

We have tested and reviewed Reel Paper – bamboo toilet paper – it did not disappoint! 

Reel toilet paper is a sustainable and safe choice for our families, however, like many other more sustainable products, Reel is slightly more expensive than large scale TP – manufactured by big corporations. 

If you can afford to change, we highly recommend their subscription boxes. 

But let’s have a closer look at Reel Paper – bamboo toilet paper:

Reel Paper Review

Reel Paper’s Environmental friendliness 

Reel is not perfect. Nothing is zero-impact, but it is as sustainable as it gets. It is made 100% from bamboo from pesticide-free and chemical-free crops. Reel uses chlorine-free bleach. 

Bamboo TP Softness 

While bamboo toilet paper is not as fleece as good quality traditional TP made from paper, Reel Paper (and other brands made from bamboo) is still soft and gentle on the skin. Each sheet has three layers of paper or 3-ply.

It might take a few days to get used to the lack of ‘fleeceness’, but make no mistake we are NOT talking about bad-quality rough paper at all. 

Price – How much is Reel Paper?

Presently, Reel costs $32.99 for a box containing 24 bamboo toilet paper rolls. There are 300 sheets per roll, making the cost per sheet approximately 10c. 

You may get a small discount on your first order by signing up for their newsletter! 

If you are looking for a cheaper bamboo toilet paper alternative, check out our Cloud Paper Review.  

Do I have to subscribe to get Reel Paper?

No, you don’t have to! You can make a one-time purchase. 

The biggest difference is that the one-time purchase attracts a shipping fee, while subscriptions are free shipping! Considering Reel Paper offers a cancel-anytime option, a subscription might work out cheaper – just remember to cancel it well before your next delivery of TP is due. 

Is it possible to cancel, skip or push back my Reel Paper subscription?

Yes! I found Reel Paper to have a pretty easy interface where you can ‘manage your account’ and request to cancel, skip or push back orders in a hassle-free manner! There’s nothing more frustrating than subscribing to something that feels impossible to cancel. I am pleased to report that Reel Paper can be easily cancelled anytime you want. 

Where can I buy Reel Paper?

The easiest way to this product is online, directly from Reel Paper. You can also subscribe for a recurrent subscription – that way you will never run out of toilet paper! You can also find Reel Paper on Amazon and currently (as we write this review) some physical Target stores stock and sell it. 

TP subscription boxes are worthwhile
TP subscription guarantees a regular supply of toilet paper

Does Reel Paper sell other products?

Yes, they also sell paper towels made from bamboo. Paper towels are available for a one-off purchase or for a subscription service.

Reel Paper’s Biodegradability and Septic System Safety 

Tests have found Reel Paper to have high levels of biodegradability – that means they don’t take long to break down and can be considered quite safe for most pipes. 

It is important to point out that septic systems differ greatly and their efficiency also depends on how well maintained they are. While Reel Paper is very safe, there are many unique factors that need to be looked into.   

Where is Reel Paper located and where’s manufacturing?

Reel Paper headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California. Like most bamboo products, crops are located in China and so is manufacturing. 

Does Reel Paper participate in social and ethical programs?

Yes! Reel’s mission is to build toilets around the world with the goal of improving health, safety and hygiene standards. They also participate in carbon offset programs in order to offset their transportation impact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are toilet paper subscriptions worthwhile?

Toilet paper subscription is well worth it! Eco-friendly subscription boxes are everywhere and some are more useful than others! TP is something we always need on a regular basis and running out of it means an emergency trip to the shops! Toilet paper subscription has the potential to completely eliminate that risk. Once you subscribe, you just don’t need to even think about it. 

Reel toilet paper free shipping

Are there any downsides to subscribing to bamboo toilet paper boxes?

Storage and price! When a full box arrives, you will need to find a place for all those rolls (typically 24)! Also, a lot of bamboo TP subscription boxes tend to be more expensive than supermarket available products. 

Is bamboo really sustainable?

Bamboo is a very sustainable crop as it grows very quickly, mostly vertically and with less water (compared to other commonly used crops). However, the processing of bamboo into a manufacturing resource still attracts a lot of chemicals. To know more you can refer to our “is bamboo eco-friendly” article. 

What is bamboo used for?

It is commonly used in clothing, toothbrushes, disposable items (such as cutlery and plates), toilet paper, furniture, flooring and more. Bamboo seems to be taking over the world!