Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper Review — It's NOT your average toilet paper

Cloud Paper Review — This bamboo TP is NOT your average toilet paper

Did you know that 30,000 trees are consumed in the form of toilet paper every single day?

Don’t worry! I am definitely not advocating to stop using TP – but, are there alternatives?

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Fortunately, recent events have made countless people re-evaluate their dependence on toilet paper. 

Bidets have sky-rocketed in popularity in the United States and other regions where such devices were once a rarity. At the same time, many companies have stepped up to the challenge of creating a more eco-friendly toilet paper.

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Cloud Paper is one such company looking to end unnecessary deforestation related to household paper products. 

Wondering if Cloud Paper’s bamboo toilet paper is really as good as it sounds? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you!

Here are my thoughts on this bamboo toilet paper after trying it out for myself:

Bamboo Toilet Paper — Cloud Paper

Toilet paper made from 100% bamboo – a great alternative to traditional tree-based paper.

About Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper

Cloud Paper utilizes bamboo as an alternative to traditional tree-based paper. And it does so without charging a premium.

Some things you can expect from Cloud Paper’s bamboo toilet paper include:

  • Paper made from 100% bamboo
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • No dyes or fragrances

Cloud Paper sells its bamboo toilet paper by the box. There are 24 rolls included in every box. 

While each roll is standard-sized, they might feel small to those accustomed to the “mega-rolls” offered by many brands today.

For those hesitant to give up traditional toilet paper because they fear the alternatives are weak or rough, Cloud Paper is a great starting point. 

The 3-ply paper is plenty strong enough for any household. 

In terms of softness, Cloud Paper is perfectly average. Those who have been spoiled by specialty plush toilet papers may be a little disappointed, but this TP is definitely a soft one.

So will you notice a difference when you switch to Cloud Paper’s bamboo toilet paper? 

Yes! Bamboo toilet paper feels slightly different than regular paper, and that’s okay. 

But after one or two uses you’ll wonder why tree-based paper was ever your go-to in the first place!

How Much Does Cloud Paper Cost?

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Bamboo toilet paper isn’t a new concept. But one of the ways Cloud Paper manages to stand out from the competition is with its pricing structure.

Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper costs $29.99 USD per package. Each package contains 24 rolls — enough toilet paper to last the average individual 4 months.

There’s little difference in price between the leading brands of mid to high-quality toilet paper and Cloud Paper’s bamboo version. Unless you’re using the cheapest toilet paper on the market, switching to Cloud Paper will make no difference in your household spending.

What Kind Of Packaging Does Cloud Paper Use?

Cloud Paper Toilet Paper is shipped in recycled cardboard packaging. The packaging is sourced locally to the brand’s Seattle headquarters and is entirely plastic-free. 

Each roll of Cloud Paper is individually wrapped in recycled paper. The last roll is specially labeled so you know when you’re about to run out.

While the individual wrappers are great for plastic-free storage, the paper waste adds up over the course of 24 rolls! It would be great to see Cloud Paper update this packaging in the future.

Once your Cloud Paper package is empty, the best way to dispose of it is via composting! Everything from the box to the cardboard tubes can be placed in your backyard compost bin to safely decompose.

Where Can You Purchase Cloud Paper?

This bamboo toilet paper is sold exclusively through the Cloud Paper website. Shipping is free within the United States. During the holiday season, there is a free trial! No tricks, it is really free.

Free Trial Cloud Toilet Paper

When purchasing through the Cloud Paper website, shoppers can choose from different subscription frequencies. These include shipments every 2, 3, or 4 months depending on your household size.

While there is no direct option to order a package of Cloud Paper without a subscription, it is easy (and free) to cancel at any time. So there’s no harm in trying out this bamboo toilet paper for yourself!

Cloud Paper also offers wholesale pricing for businesses interested in stocking bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo Toilet Paper — Cloud Paper

Toilet paper made from 100% bamboo – a great alternative to traditional tree-based paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for all plumbing?

Cloud Paper is labeled as safe for all standard plumbing, including septic tanks. You can also use this bamboo toilet paper in a composting toilet.

While Cloud Paper states that its product is septic-safe, it still recommends using your best judgment before switching to bamboo toilet paper exclusively. Each septic tank is unique and some may handle alternative toilet papers better than others.

Is Cloud toilet paper same as WhiteCloud toilet paper?

No! WhiteCloud® is a registered trademark of Kruger Products. It is a toilet made from… paper! Cloud toilet paper made from bamboo.

Where is cloud paper made?

Although Cloud Paper is based in Seattle, Washington, it sources its bamboo from Asia. According to the brand, all of its bamboo is grown on family-operated farms. The bamboo is also processed into paper before leaving Asia.

Does cloud paper sell anything besides toilet paper?

Yes! Currently, Cloud Paper also offers a line of bamboo paper towels

These paper towels are made from the same bamboo fiber and packaged in the same materials as the Cloud Paper toilet paper. Each package includes 12 rolls and can be ordered via a subscription service.