How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes On A Cruise

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes On A Cruise (So Clever!)

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning a holiday. It’s a time when you’re getting ready to relax, unwind, and get some much-needed R&R!

And, if you’re going on a cruise, you know that you’ll really be getting the rest that you deserve.

The only problem is that when you go on a cruise, you’re also in a situation where it’s harder to keep your clothes clean and well-pressed. So, when your clothes get all wrinkly, what do you do!?

To get wrinkles out of your clothes on a cruise, you can use a hair straightener, shower steam, or even in-room supplies. Let’s take a closer look at these methods!

Wait… Why Can’t You Bring an Iron on a Cruise?

Person Holding An Iron

When you’re packing for a cruise, your first thoughts are probably on your sunscreen, bathing suit, and sunglasses. 

And, while those are all key items, you’ve also got to think about what items you’ll bring to keep your clothes in good condition! After all, you’ll be snapping some Insta-worthy photos. 

Well, you might be thinking, I’ll just pack my iron and use it in the room!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to load an iron onboard a ship. That’s because irons can actually be fire hazards, especially in confined ship cabins. 

Many cruise companies, such as Royal Caribbean, for example, actually explicitly state that irons and steamers are NOT allowed onboard the ship. 

They’re well aware that these could be safety hazards, and so exclude them entirely from guest luggage. Plus, in many cases, these go against local and international Maritime Regulations. 

Alternatives to Using an Iron on a Cruise

No Iron On Luggage Concept

Although many times you can find people online who tell you that you can camouflage, or hide some prohibited item in your luggage, we wouldn’t recommend it. 

If you do, you could put yourself or others at risk of danger just by bringing those items on board with you. 

So how do you get wrinkles out of your clothes while on the cruise without your trusty iron?

Well, for one thing, all cruises provide laundry services. These services include (you guessed it!) ironing so that your clothes come back to you pressed and ready to wear. 

Typically, the services cruise lines offer to guests include: 

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Ironing
  • Folding
  • Dry cleaning

The services are usually pretty affordable, too, and are priced by the bag. You can fit all your clothes into the bag in one go so that you can save a few pennies down the line!

Wrinkled Outfit Needs Ironing

But, if you don’t want to use the laundry service, there are a few other methods you can use. Let’s take a look at a couple of them…

Shower Steam

Did you know that the steam from the shower can actually help?

That’s right! You can hang your garment in the shower, in a place where it doesn’t get wet. 

Then, let the hot water run for a couple of minutes. This way, you can reduce significant wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Spray

This product is easily found in your local supermarket. With this simple item, all you have to do is spray your clothes. 

And, if you want to really take things to the next level?

Use the cruise ship’s in-room hairdryer to go over the item to get the last of the wrinkles out!

Hair Straightener

Interestingly enough, this item is allowed on most cruise ships. 

With a straightening iron, you can leave your clothes without so many wrinkles and you won’t have to worry about breaking any cruise ship rules.

Woman Holding Hair Iron

Tips for Keeping Wrinkles Out of Your Clothes

Now that you have a good idea of how to get wrinkles out of your clothes, let’s talk about how to keep them that way

There are a couple of things you can do to keep wrinkles from even getting into your clothes in the first place!

  • Choose clothes with fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling. I love bamboo fabric combined with spandex for this purpose.
  • Iron the clothes before packing them.
  • Instead of folding the clothes, roll them up.
  • Pack in a hardback suitcase. This will make sure that nothing you put on top will help wrinkle what’s inside.
  • Store clothes in separate packages.
  • Place the garment in a position that allows it to straighten, and sleep on it. Possibly, with body heat, you can get rid of some wrinkles.

By keeping these tips in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping wrinkles out of your clothing. 

That way, you won’t have to worry about ironing them at all!

You can also try changing the laundry products you use. For instance, switching to an ecological soap could be a great way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. 

Keep Your Clothes Free From Wrinkles

Happy Family Travelling On A Cruise

With these tips and tricks, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your clothing free from wrinkles.

With a little bit of quick thinking, it’s easy to iron your clothes onboard a cruise ship. So, now that everything is clear, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embark on a cruise and enjoy a getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a clothes steamer on a cruise?

Even though it’d be super convenient, most cruise ships don’t allow steamers onboard. This is because they could cause a fire hazard.

How do you iron on a cruise ship?

Although you can’t bring your own iron on a cruise ship, you can send them to the laundry room. There, they’ll be able to take care of the ironing!

How do you wash clothes on a cruise ship?

Onboard cruise ships, you can send your clothes to the onboard laundromat. These aren’t self-service, however. You’ll just drop the clothes off and the crew will wash them for you!