How To Dispose Of Old Sandbox Sand

How To Dispose of Old Sandbox Sand | + Ways to Reuse Sand

Watching your kids play with safe sand in the sandbox creates some of the most nostalgic moments as a parent. However, as fun as it may look, things could go bad pretty fast if you leave the sand unchanged and uncovered for too long.

To dispose of old sand from your sandbox, you can either load it up to be collected by the curb or take it to a nearby landfill yourself.

But, how do you know when to use either of the methods?

Let’s find out…

How to Dispose of Sand from A Sandbox

There are 3 main ways that I would confidently recommend:

1. Garbage collection

If the sand in question is not too much, then you can always prepare it to be collected by the garbage professionals.

Look for a strong garbage bag and fill it with all the sand you want to get rid of.

If the sand has any contaminants, then you have to let the garbage collectors know. You should also make sure that your respective state allows for sand disposal through trash collection.

Note: Ensure that you appropriately label your bags or containers after you fill them with sand. Organizing them in this manner helps the garbage disposal unit handle them with the proper care they deserve.

Sand In A Bag

2. Take it to a landfill

Many states don’t usually allow one to discard sand through the garbage bins if you’re dealing with a lot of sand (typically more than 45 lbs).

For such cases, I recommend that you get in touch with your local landfill management and arrange for how the sand can be safely picked up and disposed of.

You may have to pay a small fee for the work and the price could range depending on the weight or distance from your home to the landfill.

Also, before anything, you should empty the sand into several strong trash bags and containers to make moving them a lot easier.

You may either use your car or arrange for a designated vehicle from the landfill’s authorities once you reach an agreement.

3. Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!

There are several places in your house where you can reuse your sand! Check out below. 

Can you reuse old sand from the sandbox?

Yes! There are a couple of ways through which you can reuse sand in your home:

Kid Put Hands On The Sand

1. Compost pile

Owing to the properties of sand, adding a layer to your compost pile will greatly improve the level of drainage and aeration. This is because sand has very coarse grains that allow air and moisture to pass through with ease.

Just ensure that you don’t put in more than ¼ of the pile’s total weight, otherwise, you risk ruining the mineral composition of the whole pile.

2. Spread it on your driveway

Sand has an abrasive nature and makes a good source of friction for your driveway during winter. It is a great alternative to rock salts and other anti-ice agents when things freeze up.

If you manage to store it, you can spread it all over the iced motorways to give your vehicle’s wheels better traction.

3. In potted plants

Mixing sand with pea pebbles and placing it in your plant’s base will help with the pot’s drainage. A lot of plants – particularly indoor plants – will benefit from good drainage. 

And though naturally, sand doesn’t have a significant mineral composition, there are trace elements within that could still help with your plant’s growth.

Girl Holds In Her Hands Potted Plant

When Should You Dispose of Your Sandbox’s Sand?

Now that you know how to get rid of that unused sand in the sandbox, how do you know when it’s time to dispose of it?

The two main indicators are:

1. When it gets contaminated

If the sandbox stays for a long time without being used, then dirt, debris, and other junk are always bound to fill it up.

With time, you will find leaves, rocks, and other undesirables mixed in with the sand. This contamination is potentially hazardous for your kids as it can cause injuries at times.

You have to bar them from using the pit until you’ve cleaned and filled it up with new sand. You can also consider other safe sand alternatives for a sandbox.

2. When it gets infested with bugs

A bug infestation in your kids’ sandbox should cause you great alarm as a parent.

But, how can you tell?

  • A major sign of a bug infestation is if you find small mounds of fine soil built around different areas throughout the sandbox.
  • These might be accompanied by some kind of smell coming from the sand. The source of the smell in most cases is the insects’ refuse or other decaying matter.
Bug In Sand

When you notice either of the above things, then you should immediately make arrangements to clean or dispose of the sand from the sandbox!

What to do with your old sandbox

When you’re done disposing of unwanted sand from your kids’ sandbox, you might be left wondering what to do with the empty structure and its accessories.

Surely, you can’t leave it lying around in your yard if no one’s using it…

So, what can you do?

1. Store it in the basement or attic

This is the best way to go if you are just moving for a while and will use the sandbox when you get back from your trip.

You’ll first need to clean up the empty sandbox with a sand brush to get it nice and tidy.

Afterward, you have to disassemble the sandbox if its structural build allows it. It gives you a much easier time storing than when it stays in its bulky shape.

If you have storage bags, you can as well put the disassembled sandbox pieces inside before parking them in the basement/attic.

2. Give it away to friends or family

Kids Playing In Sandbox

If you don’t foresee using the sandbox ever again (because your kids are all grown or you want to install a new one) then you should also consider giving it away.

Doing this prevents waste and saves you a lot of space that you have otherwise used up to store.

3. Dispose of it altogether

Sometimes storing or giving away the cleaned sandbox may be out of the question. This is mainly the case when the structure is badly destroyed or just unfit for reuse.

In this instance, you can arrange for your local garbage collectors to come and pick up the sandbox to dispose of it properly.

There might be some extra costs involved but you can always work that out with the handlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you throw sand in the garbage?

You can throw old sand in the garbage but that depends on how much you have in your hands.

If the sand’s weight is more than 45 pounds, then it’s usually advisable that you make other arrangements for its disposal.

A suitable option would be to call your local landfill and have them remove it from your property at a fee.

Trash Bin

How often should you change sand in a sandbox?

You should change the sand in your kid’s sandbox at least once a year.

As time goes by, there are tons of waste and debris that find their way into the sandbox. You have to constantly monitor and groom it to keep contamination in check.

This ensures that your child continues to play in a clean and safe environment all year long.