How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll (Long Enough?)

We use toilet paper every day. In fact, the average household uses about 80,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. And, most of the time, we don’t think twice about it!

If you start to think about toilet paper, however, you’ll start to come up with a couple of questions (most likely while you’re in the toilet staring at the empty toilet paper holder).

So, how long is a toilet paper roll for it to ‘vanish’ in just a couple of days?

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How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll?

You’ll probably be shocked to hear that a whole roll of toilet paper is about 300 feet long!

Now, while that’s the fast answer to how long a roll of toilet paper is, that’s far from the only thing you need to know. 

Toilet paper’s exact length depends on the size of the sheets, the manufacturer’s branding, and the material of the paper. 

Typically, however, toilet paper sheets are 4×4 inches. There are about 150 of those sheets in each roll, which is how you wind up with such a lengthy tube of paper!

Tips for Making Your Toilet Paper Last

Probably the biggest question people have in their minds when hunting down TP, be that bamboo toilet paper or standard paper, is how to make the toilet paper last. 

On average, people use toilet paper about five times a day. That amounts to roughly 35 sheets of toilet paper a day!

If you want to make your toilet paper last longer, however, there are a couple of things you can do. Let’s check them out!

1. Buy an Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

The first step to saving toilet paper is to try switching to eco-friendly toilet paper. 

Eco-friendly toilet paper eliminates harsh chemicals and can actually last longer. That’s because these types of paper, especially if it’s made of bamboo, are thicker than normal paper. 

When you use thicker paper, you need to use fewer sheets. 

As a result, you wind up using less toilet paper overall. 

2. Limit Your Use to Just Your Basic Needs

Most of us use toilet paper for other reasons than their intended purpose. Here are a few clear examples and how to change them: 

  • Wiping your nose – Use a soft cloth handkerchief to clean your nose. This is reusable and can help you keep your nose snot-free without wasting toilet paper!
  • Cleaning your hands – Instead of using toilet paper to clean your hands, use a hand towel. Or, keep eco-friendly napkins on hand for when you’re eating
  • Cleaning your face – Cloth towels and makeup remover wipes can be great for cleaning your hands at the end of a long day. Using them helps you avoid turning to TP
  • Cleaning your glasses – Even though toilet paper is soft and easily available for cleaning your glasses, it’s best to use a microfiber towel. That way, you get all the dirt and grime off your glasses.

By making these small changes, you can really start to decrease your toilet paper usage.

3. Get the Family Involved

The whole family is part of the change, not just you!

To really start saving toilet paper, you’ll need to get the whole family on board. If everyone starts taking steps to limit their toilet paper use, you can really cut back. 

As a result, you’ll minimize costs and see a big drop in your expenses in the long term.

Try sitting down with the family and explaining why you need to cut back on toilet paper. Doing so can help everyone get on board with the plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the width of a toilet paper roll?

The average width of a normal toilet paper is more or less 4 inches (About 10-12cm). 

Of course, the exact width can change based on the manufacturer. Extra-thick sheets can actually double or even triple the diameter of the roll

How tall is a roll of toilet paper?

The standard height size is 4 inches (about 10 centimeters). Some rolls, depending on the manufacturer, might be a bit taller

What is the circumference of a toilet paper roll?

The circumference of a toilet paper roll is about 6 inches. Once again, this varies depending on the manufacturer and how thick their particular sheets are.