Can You Put Sneakers In The Dryer

Can You Put Sneakers in the Dryer | Well, It Depends!

Dirty shoes are a common problem that moms struggle with. Little kids running around outside are experts at getting their clothes and shoes dirty!

So, after your kids come home from playing in the rain or jumping in puddles, throwing their sneakers in the washer and dryer quickly seems like the fast track to solving all your problems. 

But, can you put sneakers in the dryer or will it damage your shoes? 

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You can put sneakers in the dryer, depending on the manufacturer’s solutions. And, you have to make sure

How Putting Sneakers in the Dryer Affects Your Machine

Let’s get right down to business—can you put sneakers in the dryer and how will that affect your machine?

Well, most individual dryers have manufacturer’s instructions that specifically warn you not to do this. That’s because you can actually damage the dryer by putting shoes in them. 

Or, depending on the material the shoes are made of, you could start a fire. That’s definitely a risk you don’t want to take!

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However, this isn’t the case with all dryers. You can check your specific machine’s instructions and manual to get a feel for whether or not you can (or should) put your shoes in the dryer. 

How Putting Sneakers in the Dryer Affects Your Shoes

It’s not just the machine that can be damaged if you put shoes in them. 

If you put your shoes in the dryer, you also run the risk of long-term damage from the heat and whirling motion. Repeated treatment of shoes in the dryer has been shown to hurt the longevity of shoes. 

The most common ways your shoes can become damaged include:

  • The adhesive dissolves
  • The seams on the shoes rip
  • The shoes look “old”.

Any of these situations can leave you with shoes that look the worse for wear. That makes cleaning dirty shoes this way a less than stellar plan.

Just like with the way dryer damage can occur, however, this isn’t a guaranteed way to damage your shoes. Check the label on your sneakers to see if that particular pair can be placed in the washer or not. 

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If you want to dry your shoes quickly, you can use a few different tricks. Here are a few ways to dry your shoes without throwing them in the dryer. 

The Rice Method

Rice In Hands

The first way to dry your shoes is using the rice method. In fact, you’ve probably heard of this method when it comes to rescuing wet electronics!

Here’s how to use the rice method to dry your shoes: 

  1. Take a pair of socks and fill each one with dry rice. Any type of rice is fine.
  2. Then, put the socks in the shoes. 
  3. Wait for a few hours, or until the rice absorbs the moisture. 
  4. To speed up the process, you can put the shoes in a closed container. 

If you don’t have rice on hand, you can stuff the shoes with newspapers.

Place them Over a Heater

Another method is to hang your shoes by a string over a hearth or heater. Just make sure the shoes don’t get too hot here either. If they do, you could have the same issues you had with putting sneakers in the dryer. 

Put Them by a Fan

To avoid putting heat on your shoes, you can place them near a fan. Just position a fan near the shoes and allow the air to blow on them for an hour or two. 

You’ll need to leave the fan on high speed for this to work. And, it’s best if you can hang the shoes or prop them up. This allows more air to get into the shoes. 

Use a Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Another fast way to dry your shoes is by blowing them with a hair dryer. Remember to be careful with the hair dryer and to use the cool setting. 

If you use the hot setting, you can run the risk of melting the fabric. 

You should also never place the hair dryer inside your shoes. This puts you at risk of starting a fire, even if the shoes are wet. 


So, can you put sneakers in the dryer? Long story short, yes.

However, you need to make sure that you’re only putting them in for a few minutes and that you read the label first. 

Our advice? Get a special shoe rack for your dryer! This keeps the dryer and the shoes from being damaged, and it helps ensure that your shoes are warm and cozy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Adidas Sneakers in the Dryer?

You should never put Adidas shoes in the dryer, nor should you dry them with a hair dryer because the heat can deform the soles. If you want to dry them, put a clean towel in them to soak up the moisture.

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Can You Put Sneakers in the Washer and Dryer?

You can wash your sneakers in the washer, but you shouldn’t put them in the dryer. If you have a washer-dryer, make sure to only select a wash cycle. Otherwise, you could damage the glue that holds the shoes together. 

Can You Put Vans Sneakers in the Dryer?

You shouldn’t put your vans in the dryer. Not only does putting vans in the dryer run the risk of ruining the canvas and the soles, but it could also damage the dryer. 

Can You Put Your Sneakers in the Dryer?

While you can put sneakers in the dryer, it’s best not to. The high temperatures of the machine can damage the glue that holds your sneakers together and can cause some materials to shrink.