How To Clean Sand Out Of Shoes

How To Get Sand Out Of Shoes (Shake It Off… + 5 other ways)

Summertime is the season for lounging on the seashore, sipping on sweet cold drinks, and chewing on watermelon. However, at the end of a day at the beach, you often come home to find your shoes and clothes full of sand

What’s tough is that it can sometimes get a trick for you to get the sand out of your shoes. For weeks after your trip to the beach, you’re still shaking the sand out of your sandals!

You can get sand out of shoes with baby powder, a vacuum, a washing machine, a hose, or by just plain beating or shaking them off. Here’s what to know about getting rid of sandbox sand or beach sand once and for all. 

First Things First: Remove the Insole

Before you jump into getting the sand out of your shoes, you’ll want to take the insole out of the shoes. Many times, sand gets lodged under the insole and is what continues to keep sand in your shoes even weeks after you left the beach. 

On top of that, when you take the insole out, it’s easier for you to wash your shoes and rid the shoes of sand for good. And, it’s easier to dislodge sand that’s stuck in the nooks and crannies of your shoes. 

Make sure that you rinse off the insole after removing it. That way, you can make sure no sand is hanging onto the insole when you put it back in your shoe. 

Should it be this clean?!

Methods for Removing Sand from Your Shoes

Now that you’ve taken out the insoles, it’s time to start getting the sand out of your shoes. Here are a few methods you can do to dislodge the sand. 

1. Beat Your Shoes

Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of the sand in your shoes is to beat the shoes together. To do this, smack the soles of the shoes together to help dislodge any sand that’s stuck inside the shoes. 

Then, turn the shoes upside down and shake them. This should help any dislodged particles fall out of the inside of the shoe. 

2. Use a Pressure Hose

There’s nothing like a blast from a pressure hose to get stuck sand out from the inside of your shoes. Pressure hoses apply blasts of water that flush out even the most stubborn types of sand

With this method, blast the water into the shoe’s opening. When the water fills the shoe, swish it around and then dump out the fluid to wash away the water. 

3. Dunk Them in Water 

You can try submerging your shoes in water to help get the sand out. If you do, swish the shoes around while they’re under the water to help loosen up any sand that’s lodged deep within. 

Then, dump out the water. Allow the sand to settle at the bottom of your bucket before submerging the shoes again and repeating the process. 

Cleaning shoes with soap and water

4. Try Baby Powder 

Baby powder is a starchy substance that can work wonders when it comes to getting sand out of your shoes. You can use baby powder, cornstarch, or talcum powder to get the job done. 

For this method, sprinkle a bit of powder inside your shoes and massage it into the sandy parts with a rag or a toothbrush. The powder will dislodge the sand in a jiffy!

5. Use a Hand Vacuum 

If you have a hand vacuum, you can make use of it to get sand out of your shoe. Many powerful vacuums can suck the sand right out of the inside of your shoe, keeping them sparkling clean. 

6. Place Them in the Washing Machine

While this method is really a last resort, it is very effective particularly if you have a very dirty pair of shoes. You washer will help clean and get rid of sand. Putting your shoes in the washing machine is a great way to help dislodge sand after a trip to the beach. 

Just remember that not all sneakers hold up well in machine washers.  

Preventing Sand from Getting Into Your Shoes

Shoes On The Beach

If you want to skip the above steps, you can do so by preventing the sand from getting into your shoes in the first place! There are a few different ways that you can go about this. 

For one, you can choose closed mesh running shoes. Mesh fabric doesn’t attract as much sand and helps keep debris from getting into your shoes. 

You can also try running or walking on the wet sand. Wet sand is soft, even, and packed together so that it won’t get into your shoes and cause irritation. 

Lastly, you can avoid heading to the beach on windy days. When the wind is blowing, it can blow sand into your shoes, leaving you with a big mess to clean up later. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean shoes after the beach?

The easiest way to clean shoes after a trip to the beach is to first use one of the above methods to shake off the sand. Then, rinse the outside of the shoe and scrub lightly with a toothbrush to get rid of any external dirt. 

How do you remove dried sand?

Removing dried sand from your shoes can be a bit tricky. However, beating the shoes, using a vacuum, or applying baby powder are all great methods for getting the sand out.