Can You Grow Moss Rose Indoors

Can You Grow Moss Rose Indoors | Yes, but only up to a point

Rose moss is a fairly resilient plant, making it popular around the world with hobbyist gardeners and gardening experts alike. In fact, because it’s such a resilient plant, it’s a flower that many people with no-green thumbs also enjoy growing. They also make a great garden project for children and other beginners.

While most growers plant moss rose in their gardens or lining their pathways, some people attempt to grow rose moss indoors. 

If you’re wondering “can you grow moss rose indoors,” the answer is both yes and no. You can grow moss rose indoors up to a point, but eventually, you’ll need to move it outside. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Moss Rose?

We’ve all heard of roses and moss before, but what happens when you put the two together? Moss roses are a type of flower that is native to South America, particularly Uruguay and Argentina. 

Officially, moss rose is called portulaca. However, you’ll more commonly hear it called by colloquial names, including:

  • Sun rose
  • Moss rose
  • Eleven o’clock
  • Purslane
  • Sun Plant

Moss roses are desert plants, which means their native climate is dry and warm. As a result, they don’t need a ton of water, making them fairly hardy plants for growers who are just getting started. 

One thing to note before you try growing moss rose is that this is an annual plant. These plants flower in the springtime and die off over the winter. 

Growing Moss Rose Indoors

A Man Plants Moss Rose Seeds

Now that you know what moss rose is, it’s time to plant the seeds and start cultivating the plants yourself!

If you’re wanting to grow the plants indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Firstly, while you can technically grow moss roses as inside the home plants, they won’t get as large as they would in a garden. If you want them to reach their full height, you should consider transferring them to a garden bed. 

Secondly, growing moss rose indoors requires a little bit more care than growing them outdoors. Let’s take a look at how to grow them from seed to sun rose. 

Planting the Seeds

Similar to tomatoes, if you plan to grow moss roses indoors, you’ll want to start the in a smaller pot and eventually increase in size as the flowers grow. 

About a month after the last frost hits, plant the seeds in small pots and place them in a bright, sunny area. 

Note: It is very important that you do not overwater these plants, especially during the germination process. When you first start growing rose moss, only water the plants when the soil feels dry.

Repotting the Seeds

Rose moss should be repotted once it starts to grow larger. When you notice seedlings sprouting out of the earth, it’s time to move your plants into a larger pot. 

To repot the seeds, gently remove the plant from the pot, being careful not to damage the roots as you do so. 

Then, place the plant in a new pot. Add additional potting soil to the pot and pat it down. If the soil is dry, give the plants a little bit of water. 

Remember, the plants will only grow as large as their pot. You’ll need to keep repotting if you plan to grow the seeds indoors. Otherwise, you can move them to a garden bed. 

Tips for Growing Healthy Moss Rose

Moss Rose

Growing moss rose isn’t a particularly difficult task. However, if you really want your moss rose to thrive, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow. Let’s take a look.

Get the Soil Right

For one thing, try using dry soil that has good drainage. In their natural habitat, moss rose plants don’t get a ton of water. As a result, these plants have adapted to desert conditions and don’t do well with lots of water. 

Give Them Plenty of Light

Another tip for growing a healthy moss rose plant is to make sure that you plant the seeds in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight. Moss rose needs a good dose of sunshine in order to grow, so avoid shady areas or overcast climates. 

Lack of sunlight is actually one of the main reasons why people struggle to grow these plants indoors. If you’ll be growing them as an indoor plant, try placing the pot next to a sunny window. If you need to, move them around throughout the day to ensure they get enough light.

A grow light can also help to supply these plants with the amount of light they need.

Beware of Bugs

Moss rose doesn’t usually have pest problems, but they can attract aphids from time to time. If you notice aphids on your plants, it’s important to nip the problem in the bud early so that you don’t wind up letting your plants wilt. 

A little bit of water and dish soap is usually enough to remove aphids from your plants. You can also look for organic pesticides in the store, although we recommend trying natural dish soap first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman Gardener Is Sitting On A Ground

Can You Grow Moss Rose in Pots?

You can start growing moss rose in pots. However, after about two months the plant will no longer fit in the plant and you may begin to notice exposed roots. When this happens, it’s time to plant your moss rose in a garden and remove it from the pot.

Can Portulaca Be a Houseplant?

Portulaca, often called sun rose or moss rose, can be a houseplant. However, it’s going to be difficult if you have a trailing variety. 

Upright portulaca plants, on the other hand, are much easier for you to grow indoors in a large pot. Just keep in mind that they’ll grow to limited heights.

How Do You Care for Potted Moss Rose?

If you’re going to grow potted moss roses, you want to be careful not to overwater them. Make sure that the soil is completely dry before adding more water to the plant. You’ll also want to allow them to sit in a sunny place, as these plants like a lot of sunlight.