Can I Put Stuffed Animals In The Dryer

Can I Put Stuffed Animals In The Dryer (Without Going Poof?)

Stuffed animals give our kids comfort like no other. But they cannot wash away the drool or food that gets on them! After washing, your kids are pretty impatient to get their buddy back, so you’re tempted to use the dryer.

You can put certain stuffed animals in the dryer. Those with plastic parts, electronics, or other glued parts may melt in the dryer. If you do use the dryer, it’s best to do a low-heat cycle.

How to Wash Stuffed Animals Before the Dryer?

Your kids’ stuffed animals are their pride and joy, so we have to take extra care when washing. Obviously, we cannot pop them into the dryer without a wash! I usually like to wash my stuffed animals in the washing machine.

This is my process:

  1. Put the stuffed animals in a pillowcase. You can put small ones together, but if you’re washing larger ones, then you should keep those to one per case. You can also use mesh laundry bags.
  2. Put your washing machine on gentle cycle, and leave it to fill with water. Don’t overload your machine! If needed, you can do multiple loads.
  3. Add your detergent and pods/sheets. It’s better if you can use a mild detergent so it doesn’t irritate your kids’ skin. Then add the pillowcases with the stuffed animals. Load them properly, so the drum is balanced.
  4. Wash and put through a rinse cycle.

Now it’s time for the dryer!

  1. When you take the pillowcases from the washing machine, leave them for a while to drip dry. It’s not advisable to put soaking wet items in the dryer. If the cases open during the wash cycle, that’s okay! You can put the stuffed animals in the dryer as is.
  2. Run your dryer on a gentle cycle or low-heat. You can run it twice. While this may seem like a chore, it’s better than putting it on one high-heat cycle. This can damage the softness of the animal, leaving you with a burnt friend and a crying child.
  3. After the dryer is done with the cycle, take out the stuffed animals and leave them to air dry for a while. When they’re fully dry, fluff up the fur with a brush.

The stuffed animal or toy is now ready for your kids or doggos! Wash them once a week to keep them free of germs and dirt.

Cute Dog Sleeping With Stuffed Animal

Can I Put the Stuffed Animals in the Dryer to Kill Fleas?

If fleas catch your animals, it’s probably on the stuffed animals. They also have fur that the fleas might mistake for a warm home with food. Luckily, getting fleas out of stuffed toys isn’t hard, however, it’s time-consuming. It’s better than the fleas, though!

Separate the affected toys from the rest of the pile to avoid a lot of washing. The toys with the fleas have to be washed at a very high temperature first, at least 140°F for 10 minutes. Afterward, air dry the stuffed toys halfway, then pop them in the dryer.

The heat in the dryer will kill any remaining fleas and flea eggs. Comb through the fur of the toys to double-check that all the fleas are out. Make sure that the source of the fleas is sorted out too!

Good Tips to Know When Washing Your Stuffed Animals

  • If you’re hand washing your stuffed animals, make sure to rinse out ALL the soap. If you leave even the slightest residue, you’re asking for dirt and dust. Plus, it may irritate your kids or dogs’ skin or give them the achoo’s!
  • Always use cold water and mild detergent when washing your stuffed animals in the washing machine. Always wash it in a pillowcase or laundry bag. Don’t use fabric softener on your stuffed toys as they can leave a weird residue on the fur.
  • If the big plush needs a wash, then you can’t use the washing machine or dryer! You may damage the center of the drum, which can also damage the fur of the plush. The larger ones can’t really fit in the dryer, so they should be dried outside in the sunlight or near a fan. This will avoid musty smells.
  • If you have a teddy bear with really long fur, it’s best to comb the fur when wet. You can use your hands or an old, clean comb. This will prevent the teddy bear from looking wonky.
Stuffed Animal Getting Out Of Dryer Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my old stuffed animals in the dryer to remove dust?

If your stuffed animals are clean and just very dusty, you can pop them in the dryer to lift the dust out. If your dryer has an air setting, then you’re set! Put it for about 15 minutes, and your stuffed toy should come out fresh and clean. This shouldn’t be done often, though, as you can damage the toy.