Backyard Date Ideas

8 Backyard Date Ideas (Plus Tips to Make it a Hit!)

Tired of going out to the same places all the time to eat? How about the fact that the only thing that comes to mind when it comes to date night is going for a drive and then maybe catching a movie?

Granted, both of these ideas are great and they have the essence of a date that you are going for – spending time with your significant other, soaking up their company, getting out of the house, and spending time together to grow your bond – but sometimes, you might just not feel like leaving the house; especially after a long week in the office.

This is why you should consider spending your date nights in the comfort of your home. How can you do this? With backyard dates, of course! Let’s get a little deeper into this.

couple drinking wine

Reasons to Have a Backyard Date

There are numerous reasons to engage in a backyard date with your love bunny and they range from romantic to practical, to wanting to give a grand gesture. Here are some of the more common reasons for setting up a backyard date with your significant other:

  1. Proposing or taking the next step in your relationship
    What better place than the place where you are building your lives together or wanting to move to the next step in your relationship than your own backyard? You can set up the backyard with a romantic candlelight dinner for two, have lights strung around, and your favorite shared music playing softly. It is here you can pop the big question or ask your significant other to move in with you.
  2. Telling your significant other a major milestone
    Use your backyard as the setting for those big moments in life. Ask them to spend some time with you and hang out in the backyard, then while curled up together on the bench swing, tell them that you got that promotion or you are going to be expanding your family together.
  3. You are on a tight budget
    Sometimes, life can throw unexpected curveballs and you find yourself not as flush in the wallet as you hope. Sometimes, when starting on your life together, finances can be tight so it’s time to get creative and spend time together without breaking the bank. Date nights in the backyard can be just as romantic, perhaps even more so, than rushing out to an expensive restaurant and spending your hard-earned money on a meal that you could make at home.
  4. Intimacy
    One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy relationship is to maintain intimacy levels. This can be hard and difficult when you have children, busy schedules, and other reasons that can prevent you from spending quality time together. Use the backyard to create an intimate setting for two and let the romantic sparks fly, reminding you both that there is a reason that you both choose each other and that you are a couple first. Just keep the intimate activities to a minimum unless you have an enclosed backyard.
  5. Grand gestures
    Sometimes, when the chips fall; you just have to pull out the grand gestures and make up for a grievance that you caused your significant other. Set up a backyard date to create a conciliatory but romantic and intimate atmosphere that you can discuss the issue, come to a compromise/conclusion, and then work through things together. You can also use this grand gesture as a way to thank your significant other for something that they have done for you, either without you knowing or with your blessing.
  6. Allows you time to reconnect as a couple
    When you have kids and obligations, it can be hard to connect on an intimate level. You want to make time for each other and refocus on the core of your bond together. This way, you don’t have to look for (and pay) a babysitter, and you are still close to home if circumstances demand it. The reinforcing of your bond as a couple is a proven stress reliever and it helps strengthen the bond you will need as you navigate through life’s numerous twists and turns together. You want a solidified unit, not a relationship where your partner feels hurt or neglected.

Backyard Date Ideas

backyard movie night

Movie Night

Set up a projector on the side of the house or hang a white, starched sheet, then play your favorite movie (or the newest release). Set the mood with a cozy alcove of pillows and blankets, snacks and a chilled beverage, and dim lighting. Pop in a romantic comedy, thriller, or action movie.

Games Night

If movies aren’t your thing, then take the time to engage in some healthy and fun competition. You can set up a games night by stacking all your favorite board games in a pile and randomly picking one. Set a wager or two, such as the loser does the dishes for the week.

Board games not your thing? Then ask them for a game of your favorite sport. Bust out the badminton racket, the volleyball, or the soccer ball. Place your bets and may the best player win! You can even print out flags and whatnot for a game of mini-golf in the backyard. It’s all about the effort, not so much the game itself.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Whether someone cooks a lovely meal or you order in, a romantic dinner in the backyard is a guaranteed way to bring romance. Don’t get it wrong, sometimes dressing up and going out to eat is great but there are other times you just don’t want to leave the house. Use these times to have a romantic backyard dinner instead. Set up a table, chill a bottle of wine in an ice bucket, and then play some soft music to fully set the mood. Use dimmer lighting such as fairy lights strung through the trees.

Scavenger Hunt

Make things interesting and fun with your significant other by sending them on a backyard scavenger hunt. Use clues that speak to your memories together and send them on a trip down memory lane with subtle hints. Be waiting for them at the end of the hunt or compete against them only to finish at a predetermined spot. Make it fun and exciting while keeping the romance alive.

Sunset and Stargazing

Just because you are in your backyard, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time to enjoy the little things with your significant other. Schedule the date night so that you are both able to curl up and watch the sunset, taking time to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Then, at night, you can watch the stars come out.

Go Camping

Pitch a tent in the backyard and drag out that dusty sleeping bag. Get the wood burning fire pit going – if you have one. Make a fire to create some amazingly delicious smores and listen to music, chat, and decompress from your busy lifestyles. Once the night is drawing to a close, retreat to your shared tent and zip that sleeping bag closed; leaving you to spend the night cuddled into your partner’s arms, safe and warm, with a successful date night in the books once again.

Late-Night Swim

If you have a pool or a pond nearby, then this is the perfect opportunity for a late-night swim with your boo. Use floating candles (the ones that float on water and can be purchased as flameless for safety) to light the way. It’s entirely your call if you use a swimsuit or not; just ensure that you are in a private location before stripping down.

Outdoor Concert

Take your significant other to a concert without having to even leave the backyard. Set the stage similar to a movie night but instead of having snacks; make sure there are cold adult beverages in a cooler, set up some surround sound speakers, and then stream a live concert of your favorite musician. Bonus points for getting your groove on and cutting a rug on the grass (both fast and slow songs!).

Tips to Having a Great Backyard Date

Sometimes, setting the atmosphere and having a backyard date isn’t quite enough to make it special for you and your significant other. You want to treat this type of date the same way you would treat any other date. Here are some tips to bring your backyard date from decent to great:

  • Unplug and unwind –Don’t bring your phone outside on your backyard date unless you have to use it for playing a video and/or music. You want this time to be solely about you and your significant other; you don’t want to be (or have them) competing for your time and attention while you are scrolling through social media.
  • Settle the kids into bed – While all parents love to have their children spend time with them and make memories; these backyard dates are for you and your hunny only. You want to spend time with them to remember how it is to connect as a couple, sharing stories about your day. Talk about your hopes, dreams, reminisce. Just make sure the kids are in bed first so you are free from distractions.
  • Switch up the planning – Don’t always be the one to plan backyard dates or even dates in general. Share this with your significant other and take turns surprising each other with new and exciting things to do.
  • Don’t turn it into work – It doesn’t matter if you see something that has to be done or completed in your backyard. You want this time to be completely about each other, not the list of chores that has to be done. You can make a mental note but don’t take date night as the time to start cleaning out gutters, switching patio furniture, or trimming hedges. These are not date night activities – they are weekend chores.
  • Schedule and plan – Depending on what you plan to do during your backyard date, you might want to consider scheduling the night together. You want a time that no one will be bothered by work or distractions, and if you plan to stargaze, then check the forecast for a clear night. Another good thing to do is check the temperatures to ensure you are properly dressed and you have all the things you need to stay toasty warm. There is nothing fun, flirtatious, or sexy about chattering teeth while trying to sip on wine or engage in conversation.
  • Choose new things – You don’t want to ask your partner on a date and then do the same thing that you do every single time you are having a backyard date. Switch it up and take this opportunity to try something new. Start a new project or activity that you’ve both been wanting to try. Consider booking a couples massage or having a dance instructor come to teach you the hottest salsa steps. Branch out of your comfort zone with your biggest supporter by your side.
  • Ensure privacy – Make sure that your backyard is private enough for a date night as you don’t want to invite the entire neighborhood to your date. Set up privacy screening if you don’t have a fence.

In Conclusion

Date nights are super important for any couple as the pressures, obligations, and stressors of daily adult-ing life can be daunting and weigh you down. Take date nights as the time to engage in some bonding and flirting with your significant other. Spend the evening together, remembering what brought you together in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget, if you are tired of going out to spend time together, or obligations such as children stand in the way of a successful date night; it’s all about the time you spend together and the memories you make. Keep conversation light, flirty, and then let the magic of the evening, surrounded by nature – her sounds, her sights, her natural beauty – take you away into an evening of love, laughter, and fun.