Things To Do With Used Moving Boxes

10+ Things To Do With Used Moving Boxes

We finally moved into our final destination – and with that came a mountain of used moving boxes after we were done unpacking. They were still in great condition so we wanted to see if we could reuse them before sending them off to be recycled.

What we decided to try was to post them online and see if anyone would want them. We were honest about the fact they were used moving boxes – but still in amazing condition. We just wanted to give them – as well a the packing accessories we had to another family who could use them.

Craigslist – This Was Our Choice

You can either give them away for free – or sell them. We went with giving our used moving boxes away.

We put our moving boxes in the For Sale section under Free in our local community section.

Do you know how many responses ‘free moving boxes’ on Craigslist will net you?

At least thirty within 24 hours. I had no idea these boxes would be such a hit! We went with the first person who contact us and they were there almost immediately, excited for the stress and money we just saved them. Three happy folks came over, broke down the boxes, scooped up our packing paper and pretty much cleaned us out of our moving supplies.

For our next round of boxes, I think we’ll try a ‘curb alert’ which lets folks know that you are setting out free items at the curb on a specific day and time, so that way you don’t have to deal with responding to emails and setting meeting times.

The only drawback is having to post your address, so if that makes you uncomfortable then stick with the traditional method.

The people who took our first set of moving boxes were grateful (as were we) and planned on passing the boxes along to other friends who were moving.

Multiple reuses make this EnviroMom happy!

Selling or Giving Away Used Moving Boxes

Your probably did not know there are websites like and where you can actually buy and sell used moving boxes or exchange them for free. You can even try NextDoor which is a local app that will allow you to connect with those in your neighborhood to see if anyone wants to take them off your hands.

U-Haul Customer Connect is a great resource where you can enter your zip and connect with locals to buy/sell/exchange moving supplies.

FreeCycle is another great option where you can list your boxes and offer them for free to anyone who wants them.

Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Sometimes moving can be really tough on boxes – if your boxes are really damaged then recycling may be your only option. Reach out to your local recycling center and see what the requirements are before heading over to recycle moving boxes.

You can also ask if they have pickup for recyclable items. In our town we get recyclable pickups 2 times a month and it makes life so easy.

Donate Them

Not the easiest option because it takes some legwork – but it is so worth it in the end. Think about local daycares, libraries or food banks – they use boxes often and may benefit from a donation of boxes.


Boxes make great storage options for basements and attics. If you have summer/winter apparel or personal items that you do not use often, a moving box makes a great option for storage. I remember when I was in my 20’s and money was tight I actually used a moving box that I taped well as a side table. I just threw a blanket I had lying around on it and it made the perfect corner end table for my first apartment.

Let The Kids Play

Kids can also have a lot of fun with these boxes as well! From building doll houses to box cars they can really allow their creativity shine through. Let them paint, cut and draw and let their imaginations run wild.

Cardboard Art

Cardboard art is also a pretty cool thing to consider for kids and adults and looks like a whole lot of fun. From creative wall art to lamps, what you can do with your cardboard is only limited by your imagination.

Below is a cool wall art from Bon Temps Beignet. Really make it your own by using paint to give a pop to your drab walls!

Cardboard wall art
image credit: Bon Temps Beignet

Make A Cat Box

Another option is to make a cat box! Cats have a love for boxes – add a comfy little pad, string up some toys and paint the outside and let them enjoy their own custom built home.

Check With A Moving Company

If you used a moving company you can see if they will take your boxes when your move is complete so they can recycle them with their customer base.

If you did not use a moving company you can reach out to a few and see if they would take them off your hands.

Keep Them

In our case this is not an option! We are done moving and plan on making this our final home where our kids can grow and we can retire. But if you are one of those families that move often, it is ok to keep your boxes on hand for when you need them again! Just break them down and store them in a place that is dry and free from bugs and dampness so they will remain sturdy for the next time you need them. Next time you need them you can use some packing tape and Gorilla Glue to give them some extra support and you are ready to roll!

Have you done anything cool or creative with your moving boxes?

We would love to hear your unique ideas!

What to do with used moving boxes