Reuse Yogurt Cups In Creative Ways

Reuse Yogurt Cups In Creative Ways

Yoghurt containers, with or without lids, are excellent for reusing around the house. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and kid’s room for storage. Yogurt is a staple for most homes whether it is Greek Yogurt or flavored kids yogurt options. This leaves households with lots of yogurt containers to dispose of. Let us look at 10 ways you can make use of these containers and save the environment in the process.

1. Storage for arts and crafts items

Pencils, crayons, colors, and play dough are some of the things that can be stored in a yogurt container. The best part is that the tub also occupies very little space so you can place it anywhere in the kid’s room. Apart from arts and crafts items they can be ideal for storing other small items in the house including hair ties, screws and nails, needles, thumb tacks, buttons, paper clips and other parts.

2. To start seedlings

Place seeds into the container and some soil. Make sure to punch holes on the bottom of the container to allow water to drain away as needed. They are great for growing herbs and plants that don’t occupy a lot of space. However, they can only be used for starting out plants before transplanting. Leaving growing plants in there for longer will only cause stunted growth.

3. Use them as a mould

Do you like to make popsicles at home? Consider using an empty, clean yogurt container as a mould for your popsicles. You can also use it to mould candles or soap if you are into DIY candle or soap making. They are user friendly and can be cut open to remove the soap or candle.

They can also be used as mould for kids when they are creating a craft  like a cylindrical shaped paper piece.

4. Use as a utensil

These containers also make excellent drinking cups for kids. They are not delicate so there is no danger of breaking and the plastic is malleable so your child can’t easily damage it. In the kitchen, you can use them as a scoop for flour or sugar or rice.

They can also come in handy when measuring cleaning products like detergent and other cleaning products.

5. Excellent for food storage

Consider using the larger tubs of Greek yogurt for storing food in the freezer. They offer excellent measurements for portion sized meals and they can take the expansion and contraction of the temperatures in and out of the freezer without any damage. They are also easy to clean after use. Also, put them to good use for storing nuts, berries or dried fruit.

You can also use them as lunch box containers for cut up fruits or for jello. But the container must come with a lid.

6. Use for bath time

Kids love to play with water during bath time. A yogurt container is excellent for pouring water on oneself. During bath time a yogurt container with holes at the bottom may easily be the only bath toy your child needs. It offers hours of endless play.

7. Use in the car

If you have many knick knacks in your car, use a yogurt container to collect them all in one place and keep the car space organized. You can place it in the dashboard drawer.

8. Use in the office

In the office a yogurt container comes in handy to hold pencils, staples, pins and paper clips.

9. For playtime

They can also be used during play time in the sand as interesting sand buckets with holes. Children can also fill the container with gravel/marbles or use it to dig up a spot in the backyard.

10. To make decorations

Cut the containers up into interesting shapes like animals or birds, paint them and use them to decorate your outdoors space by hanging them along the fence. 

11. Use a candle holder

You can use the container as a candle holder as long as the flame doesn’t reach the sides of the container. This means you have to make sure that the container is larger than the candle with plenty of space between the candle and the sides of the container.

12. Use a soap holder

Use it in the bathroom to hold the soap and other bath essentials. Because it is plastic it is water resistant making it durable.


Yogurt containers are made from PP (polypropylene) which is safe plastic for storing food. That makes them safe for use in any of the applications above. Reusing these containers is not only good for the environment it is good for your pocket.