Second Hand Stores To Find Used & Vintage Clothing
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10+ Second Hand Stores To Find Used & Vintage Clothing

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Looking for an easy way to save money while helping the environment? Try shopping at a thrift or second hand store to find great fashion and home decor. Whether you are looking locally or want to find some great online thrift stores – this is an easy way to make a positive impact on our environment.

Clothing is one of the biggest issues with regard to our environment as much of what we buy often winds up in our landfills. Even organizations like Goodwill are not always what they seem in terms of what they do with your clothes and donations, so buying second hand is a great way to stop the waste.

Whether you are looking for some vintage clothing or more modern clothing, below are some great online second hand and thrift stores that offer some great collections for everyone! Many of these stores might also accept your clothing as well and if you are wondering what to do with old wedding dresses – you can see if any of these places take those as well.

I have reviewed every website to get a feel for what is offered and the pricing that they have. Affordable for this post is considered what you might pay for clothes at a TJ Maxx or Target and expensive would be prices that are typically hundreds of dollars or more.

I will be doing some test orders as well for some of these shops so I can better review their service and quality of items and will update each website with my thoughts.

Online Thrift Stores With Great Clothing Options


Probably the most popular second hand store that every one knows about – so of course it had to make it to this list.

You have to filter to find the used items as there are also a lot of new items listed – but of course we are trying to avoid buying new! Since it is a bidding type store you may or may not get a piece you want – so that is something to consider. Many of the listings I looked at did have a Buy It Now button – but you may spend more than an item is valued at if you do that.

Inventory: Pretty much limitless – if you are looking for a vintage rock tee or fashion dress, you can probably find it

Pricing: Varies based on item and vendor – sometimes you can find great deals, other items seem a bit overpriced


ThredUp might be the most popular option for shopping for second hand clothes these days. You can use the site to buy or sell your items and they offer a generous return policy and even have a special category with lower priced items via their “rescues” which are great used clothing that may need a little love.

The products offer all the information you need from materials to condition and location shipping from to help yo make and easy buying choice.

Inventory: I was overwhelmed with the inventory – there is so much to fall in love with at really great prices

Pricing: Pricing varies from very affordable to not so much so there is really something for every budget


Tradesy launched in 2012 to provide a resource for women to get luxury brands at affordable prices and to sell their own clothes they no longer need or want.

Their online sop includes resale items for just about everything including clothing, shoes, bags, wedding dresses/accessories and so much more.

Inventory: I found a large amount of inventory available in most of the common categories

Pricing: Definitely on the more expensive side due to the high end brands typically found like Gucci and Chanel


Goodwill is a household name for the local stores but they are finally joining in on the internet game as well with their Shop Goodwill website.

While they offer a little bit of everything on the website – I took a look through the clothing section and found some great deals happening. They set up their site similar to Ebay so there is bidding going on – so you are not guaranteed to get what you want, but for the prices the clothing was going for – it is worth it to try.

Inventory: When I looked at the site to review it for this article I was shocked to see over 500K items just in clothing – safe to say there should be something for everyone

Pricing: Another great lower price option for those trying to maximize their budgets


Poshmark is what I would call a peer to peer shopping experience. users can post apparel, create viewing parties and so much more to try and find buyers for their items.

The filters make it an easy buying experience to find sizes, brands and prices that work for you.

You have to make sure you do your homework when shopping on Poshmark as their return policy is not very generous and returns are only considered if your item does not shop or does not match the listing description. Otherwise all sales are final.

Inventory: I found an amazing amount of clothing available in this online thrift shop

Pricing: I felt some of the items were a little on the high side – but still affordable is another website where you can buy used clothing or sell things you do not wear any longer.

Each item does share a lot of information about each item including condition, brad, material which does make shopping easier.

Inventory: I found a fair amount of great items in all the categories I looked through

Pricing: has some of the best range of prices I have found in an online thrift store – no fancy high end brands here, just clothes for every day folks


Etsy may be your go to for creative art and gift ideas, but it is also a great option for finding vintage – and used clothing.

When you shop on Etsy – you can go to Clothing and then select the vintage filter to get the more unique items. I did notice some people mark non-vintage items as vintage so you will have to do your homework.

I typed “authentic vintage clothing” in the search bar and that did fine me more actual used clothing – so that is an option as well.

Inventory: There is a fair amount of used clothing in all – but you have to dig a bit to find it

Pricing: Definitely on the higher end for the items I found, like a pair of 501 Levi’s were $90 – so may not be the best option for those that are budget concious

Luxury Garage Sale

Founded in 2011, Luxury Garage Sale offers a variety of pre-owned clothing and accessories from some really great brands.

If you are a fashionista this is the thrift shop for you with their clothing brands including ones like Christian Dior, Prada and more.

Inventory: A large collection of items were available during my browsing

Pricing: Out of my price range – most items are in the several hundred dollar range

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS is already a pretty popular brand and now this UK based clothing company offers vintage deals in their ASOS Marketplace.

Independent brands and vintage boutiques sell their items in this part of the store and you can find everything from dresses to pajamas to accessories.

Inventory: There is a generous amount of inventory available in various categories

Pricing: Affordable pricing makes this a must see thrift shop to find your next batch of trendy vintage clothes


Re{fashion}er, launched in 2009, offers a collection of clothing and accessories that are designer pieces from private collections with a focus on genuine vintage pieces.

If you are looking for clothes from a certain time-period, this is a great place to look as they have categories dedicated to pre-40’s through to the 1990’s.

I am also particularly fond of their passion about preventing unethical sourcing and labor in creating new clothing.

Inventory: Limited inventory at any given time

Pricing: A little on the higher side since these are true vintage pieces and often from known designers

Worn Wear by Patagonia

Patagonia is a brand I love because of the good they do for the planet as a whole, but their Worn Wear initiative is another way they are doing good.

They will take your worn clothes and repair them then sell them at a discounted price or they will create entirely new products from the items that are beyond repair.

Inventory: Inventory is limited, but there was enough for me to find a couple of pieces to order

Pricing: Patagonia is a higher end brand but their Worn Wear pricing usually falls about 50% off the original retail price

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal is a division of Urban Outfitters that offers a collection of vintage clothing. The collection features vintage collections, one of a kind offerings and remnants that are made into new designs.

Inventory: Inventory is limited but a wide offering was available at the time I looked at the site

Pricing: Pricing is fair and will fit into most budgets

Vestiaire Collective

The ultimate thrift shop for the true fashionista who wants luxury brands at more affordable prices. Vestiaire focuses on brands like Gucci, Cartier and more and offers everything from dresses to handbags to accessories.

Inventory: The inventory available is very large and each category seemed to have endless options

Pricing: Expensive – definitely a thrift store for those who have very large budgets

Final Thoughts

Women holding vintage clothes in front of a mirror

I am looking forward to giving a few of these stores a try! I am not a fashionista so the more luxury oriented thrift stores may not be on my test list! No matter how discounted they may be I would not be able to spend hundreds on a shirt!

I will be looking at packaging – delivery times, quality and more when I do my mini reviews.

Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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