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Non-Electric Composting Toilets: Top Options in 2024

I often find myself binge-watching videos about sustainable, self-sufficient, tiny houses in the middle of lush green trees! I love the whole idea… until they get to show the toilet! Does it really work?

self sufficient tiny house
Tiny house surrounded by trees

Good news – composting toilets are improving every day!

A toilet is something that all of us are familiar with – we use one every day. But as the world strives to become more environmentally friendly, the regular toilet is beginning to show its age.

So, a great alternative to your typical toilet will be none other than non-electric composting toilets.

But what are the best composting toilets on the market today, and how exactly are they better for the environment?

Read on to see our picks for the top five non-electric toilets and how they may be the best option for anyone who is environmentally conscious. You can even find a useful buyers’ guide below, so be sure to check that out!

waterless toilet
Compost toilets are quickly improving and gaining popularity

The Top 5 Non-Electric Composting Toilet Systems

Separett Tiny Waterless Compost Toilet

Separett Tiny Waterless Compost Toilet
Separett Tiny Waterless Compost Toilet
A composting toilet especially designed for small spaces.

The Separett Tiny Waterless Compost Toilet has been designed with smaller spaces in mind. If you are after a toilet suitable for tiny houses or an off-grid cabin, then the Separett toilet might be exactly what you are looking for.

This low-profile option is small than most models available without sacrificing features. It still has room for multiple containers, separating liquids and solids. But what helps this stand out is the capacity sensor letting you know when the urine chamber needs emptying.

If you are worried about the odor, then you needn’t be. An extremely effective but surprisingly silent exhaust fan will make sure strong smells are dispersed.

Space is a premium if you live in a smaller home or are looking for a self-contained toilet to add to your camping van. This small but powerful package is an easy recommendation.

Stansport Portable Camp Toilet

Stansport Portable Toilet
Stansport Portable Toilet
A non-electric toilet perfect for camping and travelling.

As with most purchases, money will always be a consideration, which is why the Stansport Portable Toilet is such a standout. Affordable whilst still being packed to the brim with features, the Stansport is one of the best budget toilets out there.

Designed for on-the-go users, adding this to your outdoor camping kit is extremely easy. The seat itself is also surprisingly comfortable, which you might not expect from a product of this price.

Stansport is also known for offering cheap but durable disposable bags, which can help out when emptying the waste chamber.

Cost can be a big decider when it comes down to choosing with composting toilet that is the best for you. But with products such as the Stansport Portable populating the market, you won’t need to look far!

What to Consider When Buying a Non-Electric Composting Toilet


Most non-electric toilets shouldn’t have too much of a strong odor as they separate the liquids from the solids. Naturally, as solid waste begins the composting process, there will be a slight earthy smell similar to soil.

It can be hard to tell whether or not a composting toiler will emit much of an odor before purchasing, as you will have to rely on the manufacturer’s description. A great way to check if a product emits an odor is to read some customer reviews as they can offer you some guidance.


Your typical composting toilet will be installed in an RV or similar vehicle, so you don’t want it to be too large. Try to figure out exactly how much room you have inside your camping vehicle to determine which product is the right size for your needs.

If you plan to use it within your home, then space shouldn’t matter too much – as long as your bathroom is large enough for it. Be sure to check out our guide to the best composting toilets for RVs and tiny homes!

Ease of Installation

Installing a traditional toilet can quickly become expensive as you will usually need the help of a plumber. Thankfully, most composting toilets are fairly straightforward to install and won’t require specialist tools or equipment.

person installing toilet

This can change from product to product, so we recommend you find a composting toilet that doesn’t look too difficult to install. How easy a toilet is to install will rarely impact the price, so finding an easy-to-install waterless toilet shouldn’t be an issue!

Ease of Use

Escaping to the bathroom for a few minutes of peace is one of the many joys in life. So it goes without saying that you will want your composting toilet to be easy to use. The idea of a composting toilet might sound complicated, but it isn’t!

Almost all composting toilets will work the same way as your traditional toilet, so no need to worry about reinventing the wheel. The only main difference is that you may have to empty the storage champers into biodegradable bags. But this is usually a pretty straightforward task.

As long as you have your toilet paper on one side and a magazine or book at hand, you won’t need to worry about how easy your chosen composting toilet is to use.

Tank Capacity

The larger the capacity of your composting toilets tank, the less often it will require emptying. A larger tank capacity is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like emptying their septic system frequently. However, it will also reduce a toilets’ portability by a fair amount.

large tank toilet
Tank capacity is an important thing to consider when choosing a compost toilet

A larger tank capacity will almost always mean a larger composting toilet, so if you live in a tiny house or use it for off-grid living, a large tank may not be feasible. Try to find a perfect balance between solids and liquids container capacity and the floor space available.

Be sure to check our guide to the best toilets for homes or cabins might as they tend to balance capacity and size perfectly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-electric composting toilets better than electric composting toilets?

This will depend entirely on your personal needs and what you look for in composting toilets. Non-electric products will usually be better for the environment and offer a high degree of portability, but they may lack advanced functionality.

Both types of composting toilets offer unique benefits. The only way to truly decide which is best for you is to give them both a go!

Can a non-electric compost toilet be used for solid and liquid waste?

Yes, a non-electric toilet can be used for both liquid and solid human waste. Most non-electric toilets will have two containers when you flush waste, which will separate them based on whether they are solids or liquids.

The self-contained composters will then break down the waste, which will save water and help the environment. There are various types of composting toilets out there, but non-electric models are some of the best!

How does a central composting toilet system work?

Central Composting Systems work by using decomposition to break down and recycle fresh waste through evaporation. Most of the waste we produce will contain large percentages of water, around 90% in some cases, which can easily be evaporated and passed through a vent stack.

Composting toilets work by separating the waste into liquids and solids. Water and other liquids are then evaporated, offering an environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste!

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