Morei Review Eco Friendly Floor Cleaning Dissolvable Sheets

MOREi Review | Floor cleaning sheets

We have tested and reviewed MOREi floor cleaning sheets – it did not disappoint! 

MOREi is a young and innovative company that realised we can do better. Traditionally, floor cleaning products are sold in a liquid state inside plastic bottles. Plastic, plastic, plastic! 

MOREi floor cleaning is a dissolvable sheet – much like dissolvable laundry sheets – that is packaged in a cardboard box. Like any other paper or cardboard, it can be safely added to your compost pile.

MOREi is slightly more expensive than other commercially available brands, however, it works out pretty similar if you sign up for a subscription – which can be easily cancelled at any time.

MOREi Floor Cleaning Sheets

In a nutshell:

  • MOREi delivered what it was meant to – a clean floor. 
  • The smell is not particularly strong – bonus point from me as it did not trigger my hayfever. 
  • It also dried up pretty quickly – I get really impatient when I have to wait for my floor to dry before being able to walk around. 
  • The dissolvable sheets… dissolve! There was no residual traces in my bucket. 
  • MOREi the compact packing is small and easy to store
  • MOREi is plastic-free! Yay! 
  • MOREi is septic-tank safe and grey-water safe
  • MOREi is hypoallergenic and cruelty free (vegan)
  • The website and the ‘my account’ page are easy to navigate. 
Morei Floor Cleaning Sheets Dissolves In Water Quickly
MOREi quickly dissolves in water

Cleaning Efficiency 

I have three kids who love walking around the house with muddy feet, even though we have a no-shoe policy! Between eating and cooking – which often involves accidental spills – our floor is constantly dirty! 

I had no trouble mopping my floor with MOREi. It dissolved well in water and cleaned efficiently. 

MOREi is suitable for different types of floor including wood, tile, stone, ceramic, porcelain and other sealed hard floors. 

Price – How much is MOREi dissolvable sheets?

Presently, MOREi floor cleaning costs $19.00 (USD) for a pack containing 30 sheets for a one-off purchase. For subscribers, that price is $11.40 (USD)/30 sheets. 

One sheet can be dissolved in 3L water (a bit under one gallon). 

That amount should be enough for your average household. In my case, I tend to mop the kitchen floor more often than the rest of the house. For that purpose, I cut the sheet in half and dissolve it in half as much water – approximately 1.5L or 50oz. 

Do I have to subscribe to get MOREi?

No, you don’t have to! You can make a one-time purchase. 

However, a MOREi subscription might work out cheaper – and you can cancel anytime. Just remember to cancel it well before your next shipment is due! 

MOREi Formula

MOREi listed ingredients include surfactant, bioenzyme, fungicide, fragrance essential oils. 

Morei Eco Friendly Dissolvable Sheets For Cleaning

Is it okay to cancel, skip or postpone my MOREi subscription?

Yes! I found MOREi’s website pretty easy to navigate include the ‘my account’ section. You can easily ‘manage your account’ and request to cancel, skip or push back orders in a hassle-free manner! 

I find it so frustrating to get hooked on a subscription that a company makes it deliberately impossible to cancel. Sadly, there are a few around! But MOREi is not one. 

Where can I buy MOREi?

MOREi is available online through their website or at major online retailers such as Amazon. 

Does MOREi offer other products?

Yes! They also sell dissolvable laundry sheets, pipe cleaners, multi-purpose dissolvable sheets, stain remover and washing machine cleaner. All products come in plastic-free packaging. 

Where is MOREi made?

MOREi is made in China.

Does MOREi participate in social and ethical programs?

Yes. Although I was not able to find a lot of details, they claim to donate 10 loads of washing to people in need for every package of MOREi we buy. I have no reason to doubt this, but would love to know more! 

Final Thoughts on MOREi Floor Cleaner

MOREi did an excellent job cleaning my floors (I have a combination of wood and tiles). With a plastic-free compact size packaging, it is no doubt a much better and eco-friendly alternative compared to products that come in plastic bottles.