Ethical Minimalist Clothing Brands That Care!
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10+ Ethical Minimalist Clothing Brands That Care!

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I have never really been much of a fashionista and always seemed to opt for the classics whether for a day at the office or a night out. Black, brown and cream are my preferred color choices and simple lines and styles all fit my minimalist wardrobe style preference.

While every year we see fashion trends that many women feel obligated to have – I am very much against falling prey to those trends. The environmental impact of fashion – not just the latest trends – but for every day wear as well is huge. There is the impact on our water supply, pollution created from manufacturing, shipping and so much more.

This is why I love these ethically inspired minimalist clothing brands! They do not focus on trends – but on sustainability to help the environment while giving us high quality classic pieces that can last for years because classic never goes away!

Brown cream and black fashion clothing

While these clothes are typically higher priced – it is in part to the requirements to be a sustainable business as well as the exceptional craftsmanship and fair trade practices they have in place to pay fair wages. If you are looking to invest into a minimalist wardrobe – these are some of the best options on the market in terms of look, price and sustainability.

We have noted pricing examples for each brand so you can get a feel for what you might spend!


Website / Shop Vetta
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $49, mockneck sweater (shown) $159

Vetta is unique in that they offer traditional shopping as well as a “capsule” of sustainable clothes that make your wardrobe selection easy. Each capsule contains 5 minimalist pieces that can be mixed and matched to create enough outfits for a month.

As a non fashionista, this sounds amazing! All of the clothes they create are ethically made and eco-friendly. The capsule options range in price from about $480+ and change as new trends come in.

Packaging is all made from 100% recycled materials and they manage a tight supply change to ensure their impact on the environment is minimal.


Website / Shop Frank & Oak
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $35, high wasted pant (shown) $90

Designed in Canada, Frank and Oak uses recycled packaging as well as sustainable fabrics to help limit carbon emissions.

Frank & Oak offers the option to have a subscription box of ethically sourced & manufactured clothing or you can just choose to shop as you normally would.

They offer a large collection of clothing for both men and women in everything from tees to pants to blazers.


Website / Shop Prana
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $45, jogger pant (shown) $89

With a tagline of “Clothing for Positive Change” you know prAna is doing good things. A large focus is placed on sustainability!

Creating clothes that use less resources and are made with products that do not harm our environment is why they are on this list.

Their collection of clothes ranges from casual to beachwear to work and they offer collections for both men and women.


Website / Shop Kotn
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $25, sweatpants (shown) $68

KOTN takes traceability seriously and they make everything public from where they source their minimalist style products to who makes them so you know exactly where your clothing is coming from.

Another extremely affordable minimalist clothing brand that offers simple pieces in classic colors that make mix and match easy! All of their clothes are made in Egypt and the factories are located close to where the cotton is grown minimizing their carbon footprint.

They are a Certified B Corp. and have clothing for both men and women.


Website / Shop Synergy
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $44, cardigan (shown) $150

Using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and water based dyes, Synergy Clothing has created a brand that is perfect for the minimalist.

Not only are the clothes eco-friendly but the brand also focuses on fair trade as well ensuring people are paid a fair wage and have good working conditions.

Their collection of clothes for the every day woman feature comfortable styles for everyday living including tees, casual dresses, lounging pants and more.


Website / Shop Encircled
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $35, chrysalis cardi (shown) $168

Encircled is a Canadian based brand that offers a beautiful collection of clothes and accessories that are versatile and simple in style. They utilize sustainable processes in everything they create to ensure nothing goes to waste and are a Certified B Corp.

I particularly love their Chrysalis Cardi that is a multi-faceted piece allowing you to use it as 8 different ways! It is made from Lenzing Modal which is a plant based fabric that is sustainably sourced.

Their entire collection offers natural colors and clean styles making mixing and matching easy. A full collection of items from tops to dresses are available in a range of sizes.


Website / Shop Indigenous
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $68, knit cardigan (shown) $148

California based company using natural and organic materials to create their fashion. Company is a certified B Corp. and helps to improve lives of women in other countries.

Indigenous creates beautiful organic and fair trade clothing. They utilize organic cotton, free-range alpaca, low impact dyes and eco-friendly Tencel to create clothing for women and men that is long lasting and safe for our environment.

They also work with communities to help provide jobs to artisans and cotton farmers bringing jobs to those that need them the most.

Clothing available for both men and women.


Website / Shop Cuyana
Pricing Examples / plain tee $45, v-back jumpsuit (shown) $125

Cuyana is a high quality clothing brand located in California that produces clothing in a responsible way. Their focus on leaving a small carbon footprint on our environment by manufacturing their clothing as close to their material sources.

Their classic designs and natural colored clothes are made to maximize your ability to wear them and also offer resources to help reduce clothing waste.

The Cuyana collections includes bags, dresses, shirts and more.


Website / Shop Maggies Organics
Pricing Examples / plain tee $22, ankle leggings $28

Maggie’s Organics offers one of the biggest selections of minimalist clothing from socks to leggings and everything in between. They are focused on fair trade and sustainability in every product they create.

A more affordable minimalist and ethical brand than others on this list with a great selection clothing for the everyday woman not the fashionista.

The 3rd Party verification page showcases their ratings which is something we appreciate so we know we are supporting a brand that is truly making a difference.


Website / Shop Pact
Pricing Examples / plain tee: $25, roll up pant (shown) $80

Pact ethically made clothing is another more affordable brand in the minimalist clothing space. They not only have clothing for men and women but also for babies, kids and some bed/bath items.

Their clothes are classic designs – the perfect everyday wear that is made from organic cotton that is GOTS certified and manufactured in fair trade factories.

Pact is also a certified B Corp and makes sure their supply chain is as environmentally responsible as possible.

Minimalist Ethical Clothing Just For Men

We did not want to create this list without thinking of the guys! While there are not as many options for minimalistic and ethical clothing for men, we were able to find a few great high quality options that could be considered.

Man wearing minimalist clothing


Website / Shop Asket
Pricing Examples / plain tee $45, chinos $150

Asket offers a great collection of minimalist clothing just for men – with every item being made with the purpose of creating clothing that lasts.

The Akismet brand is one that wants to create less clutter and waste by creating long lasting essentials in a way that does not harm the environment.

I particularly love their “traceability” feature that allows you to see exactly what every item they create uses in terms of resources.


Website / Shop Todd Shelton
Pricing Examples / plain tee $85, chinos $255

Made-to-order minimalist style clothes are simply the best way to be a sustainable company and that is exactly what Todd Shelton is.

Their classic clothes are made when you make a purchase which lessens waste! The fabrics they are are from countries that have good labor and environmental standards and they biodegradable materials in their fabrics.

The clothing they design are created to last for a long time which in turn reduces waste and lessens the contribution to harmful consumerism.

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