Is It Worth Wrapping A Tesla

Is It Worth Wrapping a Tesla | Add a splash of color to your Tesla

So you’ve spent months doing your research, getting opinions, reading blogs, going through all the options, and finally, you’ve decided, you’re going to do it and get yourself a Tesla. 

Yes, it’s great for the environment but deep down you know a Tesla is a fashion statement. It shows that you’re modern and on the edge of progress. You want to get on the bandwagon before it becomes the norm, but you’re not the first. 

There are only a handful of colors you have to choose from, 5, to be precise; Black, White, Blue, Red and Grey, not to mention any color other than white will set you back $2,500! To limit you further, there are only 4 Tesla models available! So the chances of you lining up next to an identical Tesla at the traffic lights is actually quite high.

So how can you make sure your Tesla is unique, stands out from the others, and reflects your personality? Wrapping might be the answer!

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What’s a Wrap?

Car enthusiasts have been wrapping their cars for decades. Simply put, wrapping your car means using a vinyl wrap with adhesive on one side to glue to the car and a color or design of your choice on the other. 

Wrapped Tesla
source: flickr user: Greg Gjerdingen CC BY 2.0

Think of it as gift wrapping paper, and the choices of wrapping paper are endless! You can customize your wrap with designs unique to you. You can choose any color you want and even choose the texture like satin, matte, glossy, textured. Wrapping cars are not just good for individuals who want to stand out, but also businesses as you can create a wrap with text as well, meaning you can use a car as a unique means of advertising. 

Vinyl wraps are usually 3 to 4 millimetres in thickness and the special adhesive used to stick to the car gets stronger over time, however, it doesn’t do any damage to the paint underneath and can be removed quite easily. An added benefit of wrapping your car is that the vinyl acts as a protective layer against nature’s elements.

For those who like a change of look, wrapping your car gives you the option of doing that without having to buy a whole new car! Interestingly enough Tesla seem to be aware of their limited aesthetic options and have endorsed the idea of vinyl wraps by opening their own, in house car wrapping service in China. Don’t be surprised if this service becomes available close to you.

Should I wrap my Tesla?

If you’ve never wrapped your car before, and you’ve splurged on a Tesla, it can be a daunting decision, but there are a number of reasons why you should consider it to make your Tesla unique to you. 

Better Quality

If your choices are wrapping your car or getting it painted, wraps tend to produce higher quality and longer lasting results. Paint jobs can look good when first done, however over time that paint can scratch and fade, though this isn’t true of all paint jobs and depend on the quality.

A wrap also doubles up as a protective layer against the harsh weather, emissions, flying pebbles and the strong rays of the sun. 

People Are Wrapping Tesla

More Economical

Not only are wraps known for their better quality, but they are also a lot more economical when compared to paint work. A high quality car wrap will set you back between $2,500 and $5,000, the same cost a color other than white will cost from Tesla.

A paint job on the hand generally starts at $3,000 and can go all the way up to $10,000! Given it’s advised to go for a good quality paint job, it could cost you almost twice as much as a wrap!

Thousands of Design Choices!

The entire color scheme is available to you when you go for a paint job, they can mix and match and create the color just right for you. With a wrap, you get all of those colors, plus any texture you want AND any design. If you want leopard print, a sonnet, even a picture of yourself! 

However wild you let your imagination run, you can achieve that with a wrap, and the best thing is, if you don’t like it at the end of it all, you can just take it off.

A wrap helps hold your cars value

As mentioned before, the wrap doesn’t just make your car look good, but protects the original paint underneath. So when you’re bored of your car and want a new one. All you have to do is take off the wrap before you sell it, and it will look just like it did the day you bought it! Bringing you in some extra cash.

It doesn’t take as long!

Man Is Looking On Watch

When you’ve bought yourself a new car, you want it as soon as you can. Getting it painted usually takes a number of weeks. Getting a booking, having it dry between each coat, all of these things take time. A wrap on the other hand doesn’t take as long to complete so you can show off your new car in no time!


Can I DIY Wrap My Tesla

The simple answer is no. You can try, sure, but unless you have extensive experience with cars and ideally wrapping, don’t expect to have the best results. You can find materials to help you on the internet, like YouTube tutorials, but again, it is very much you get what you pay for.

If you want your car to look good, then take it to the professionals, spend the money, and drive around in style. 

How long does it take to wrap a full car? 

Wraps can take anywhere between 2 and 7 days. It’s not the most simple of jobs however it’s not as long as painting it. The time does depend on availability, your requests and the size of your car.

The wrap itself only takes 3 or 4 days. However, it requires at least 2 days for the adhesive to dry correctly. Getting your car half wrapped, which is also quite common, takes even less time!