Two People Looking Into A Dryer

How to Get Sand Out of Dryer (+ When to Call a Professional)

After a lovely day at the beach, you come home, toss your clothes into the wash, then the dryer. Only to start hearing the infamous scraping sound.

It happens. 

I can’t tell you the number of times coins and other objects have gone through full spin cycles!

In this case, however, it’s sand, and possibly quite a lot of it. 

It’s noisy and is obviously interfering with and damaging your dryer’s system.

It’s time to do something about it, but how?

The solution is simple: just use a vacuum cleaner (with the right nozzle attachment). It works like a charm and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes! 

But, should you not come right, as I didn’t (and it sounded so easy!), take a look at a few more tricks I keep up my sleeve.

Looking Inside Drum Of A Tumble Dryer

Let’s Look At The Risks

Are you like me, always trying to find ways to shortcut the chores that only seem to pile on week by week?

If yes, you may be thinking of just leaving the sand in there and hoping for the best.

Bad idea.

The thing is, sand can get caught in-between your dryer’s drum, slowly causing damage. In the long-term, you’ll regret it.

Costly repairs or a total replacement could be a part of your future.

If you know that having another burrito is going to cause nothing more than late-night heartburn, you’ll go through the extra bit of willpower to prevent it, wouldn’t you?

Let me help you prevent your heartburn (costly repairs). And I’ll keep it brief.

Additionally, this isn’t even mentioning how abrasive sand is. If you leave it in there, it could wear out your clothes too!

Speaking of dryer issues: ever wondered how to tell something isn’t right? Watch the video below for a detailed explanation.

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Sand Out of Dryer

1. Use a Simple Damp Cloth

It’s as easy as it sounds.

It’s better to use a microfiber cloth, of course. 

These cloths attract dirt to them. They’re positively charged (, which is a peculiar thing to say about a cloth).

So yes, just wipe the sand out of the drum as much as possible, and use a small brush for harder-to-reach places. Just like you would have done with sand in your washer!

2. Vinegar Or Baking Soda 

Putting some vinegar or baking soda into your dryer might do wonders.

This paired with the “hot” setting, and you’ll likely be able to dislodge and dissolve any remaining sand residue, without having to go to our next (and more challenging) option. 

It may take a few attempts, and leave a pungent smell with it. But you have to keep trooping on!

3. Grab the User Manual (Or Just Call a Pro)

Man Repairing Clothes Dryer

The truth is, I don’t recommend that you do this by yourself at all.

For your own sanity, and for the safety of your poor dryer who has to suffer through your DIY endeavors. 

Honestly, I recommend that you either contact the manufacturer or a local handyman.

But if you do insist on not spending any money, then all I can say is this:

The sand has likely gotten a bit deeper into your dryer.

If you do want to remove the drum (which is what you’re aiming to do here) then you can pair this effort with a quick vacuum or microfiber cloth to get out the sand you might find.

4. Have You Checked the Drain Pipe?

Aside from dealing with the immediate issue, there may be secondary problems. 

The dryer vent might also have become clogged with sand. If that’s the case, you’ll want to spray it out with a hose and some warm water.

I’m also. 95.99% certain that if there’s sand in your dryer, you’ll have to wash your filters or possibly change them entirely. 

But once this is all done, I’m also 96% sure that your problems should all be over, at least, the ones relating to sand (and even sand alternatives!), and dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dryer sound like there’s sand in it? 

The dryer rules are simple: if it sounds like sand, it’s likely sand. Or just something sand-like trapped in your dryer. This might require just a brisk clean with a cloth. But if that doesn’t work, you might also have to disassemble the entire drum. 

What happens if sand gets in your washing machine? 

Nine out of ten times, the fix is as simple as cleaning out your drum with a vacuum cleaner. However, in one of those ten dryer cleaning attempts, the vacuum cleaner proves insufficient, and you may have to use more creative methods such as vinegar, to get the job done. 

Can sand ruin a dryer? 

Yes, slowly, but it can. This is why it’s so important to clean it out once you hear it. Leaving it there could end up costing you a small fortune.