How To Get Hair Out Of Clothes

How To Get Hair Out Of Clothes | Including pets’ hair

If you are like most people, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of hair getting stuck in your clothes. It can be very annoying and frustrating, whether it’s just a few strands or a full-blown tangle. 

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to get the hair out of clothes without spending too much effort picking it off one by one. In this article, we’ll talk about some helpful hacks that saved me time and energy to remove stray hair from my clothes. 

Whether it is your hair or your pet’s hair, there are useful hacks that can help remove hair from your clothes!

Let’s begin.

Use a Classic Lint Roller

Using A Classic Lint Roller To Get Hair Out Of Clothes

The first trick to get hair out of clothes is to use a classic lint roller. This method works really well for both pet AND human hair. It’s so convenient and takes zero effort to use. It’s not an exaggeration when I say you should get one as soon as possible!

Use your classic lint roller by simply rolling it across your clothing and you’ll see those unwanted hair strands come off your clothes in just a few seconds.

What if there are stubborn ones that just won’t come off? Simple. Apply MORE pressure and they won’t have any choice but to be ‘dragged’ away from your clothes.

⚠️ A lint roller may not work so well for delicate fabrics like chiffon or silk. When it comes to those fabrics, you need something a little more gentle.

A Duct Tape Always Comes In Handy

Is there anything duct tape can’t fix? I’ve been in many situations where duct tape saved me and (not surprisingly) one of them is to get long hair out of my clothes. Although, using duct tape to remove hair from wool sweaters is not recommended. But for the rest of your clothing, duct tape can be helpful.

Before you decide to use duct tape, I would suggest taking an additional precautionary measure by testing it on a small part of the fabric first.

Here’s how it’s done: simply tear a good length (I usually take half an arm’s length for good measure), locate the hairs on your clothes, stick it on, let it stay for a few seconds, then gently peel the tape from the fabric and watch the hair come off quickly. It’s easy AND somehow satisfying to see!

The Dry Sponge Trick

Here’s another hack that works like a charm to get little hairs out of clothes (for both human and pet hair).

Get a dry sponge, lay out your clothes so that you can easily find your ‘targets’, and rub it gently over the fabric. Keep rubbing it in the same direction and gather the hair at the bottom of the cloth.

If the dry sponge isn’t doing the trick, dampen it slightly. The idea is to let the sponge be wet enough to hold the hair better so that it sticks, but not so much that it wets the cloth underneath.

⚠️ Be careful not to get too rough when you are using the dry sponge because it can easily scratch your clothing.

Use a Fabric Softener

This neat little aide will loosen up the hair particles, making them easier to remove. 

Simply add a fabric softener sheet to your washing machine (preferably an eco-friendly one) and wash your clothes as usual. The fabric softener sheet will help attract the hair, making it easier to remove.

You will want to avoid using a fabric softener on specialty fabrics like synthetic materials like polyester, spandex, and nylon as it may ruin the material.

A Good Old Cloth Brush

Cloth Brush On Top Of Blue Jeans

The best way to get hair out of cloth is to brush it out. I usually use a lint roller, but if the hair is still stuck on the clothes, I use an excellent old-fashioned cloth brush to remove it.

Here’s the catch: a cloth brush will do great on jeans but not as good on a wool sweater. So, if you are brushing out hair from a wool sweater, use a lint roller instead.

Grab your cloth brush and rub it over the cloth that has hair on it. I recommend using gentle strokes as you don’t want to rub the fabric too hard. The hair will come out with ease, and you won’t damage the clothes.

Pet Hair Roller Double as a Cloth Hair Remover

As a pet parent, you may already have an idea of the effectiveness of a pet hair roller for removing hair from your furniture. But do you know it can also serve as a cloth hair remover?

Yes, that’s right! Simply use a pet hair roller to get rid of the hair from your clothes, and you’re done. 

Although, for small clothing items, a lint roller or cloth brush is better. 

Vacuum It

Most vacuum cleaners designed for picking up pet hair will have an attachment that can also pick up cut human hair.

You can use it on smaller clothing items as long as you set the suction to low.

The Holy Grail: White Vinegar

Vinegar for cleaning is often a great solution. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and it works wonders. No wonder it is also seen as the holy grail of cleaning solutions. Plus it is safe for all fabrics as long as you dilute them with water first.

You can reduce static in your clothes by washing them in vinegar. This allows your clothes to dry faster, and your hair will have fewer grips on the fabric.

When it reacts with the fabric, the vinegar creates an environment that prevents any hair from sticking. It also works on lint.

After the wash cycle is complete, the hair will be loose. Upon completion of the drying process, collect all lint in the lint trap.

Make Use of Dryer Sheets

A piece of dryer sheet for clothes

For pet hair, using a dryer sheet is a hack that often goes overlooked. When it comes to reducing static and removing pet hair, this trick does the job. Place a dryer sheet in your dryer and run it on the low heat setting. The combination of heat and tumbling motion will help remove any pet hair that may be clinging to your clothes.

Have You Tried a Rubber Glove?

Another way to remove pet hair from clothing is by using a rubber glove. Simply put on the glove and run your hand over the fabric. The rubber will attract all of the pet hair. 

It is not magic but science that makes the rubber glove trick work. A “static cling” occurs when a glove is in contact with a couch, causing the hair, lint, and other debris to stick to it (the conductor).

You might want to dampen the rubber glove slightly before running it over your couch or clothing, depending on the fabric content.

Clothes Steamer for Delicate Fabric

A clothes steamer can be invaluable if your delicate fabrics have been soiled with pet or human hair. 

First, gently roll them over with duct tape or a lint roller.

The next step is to use a clothes steamer. As a result of the moisture and gentle warmth, the grip on the hair is loosened, and it is easier to blow out.

With a lint roller or tape, you can remove the rest of the lint from the fabric after running the steamer lightly over it in downward strokes.

How Do You Get Hair Out of Clothes After A Hair Cut?

wife doing haircut at home

Getting hair out of clothes after a haircut can be a hassle. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the process a little easier. 

One way is to wear a shirt without a collar. That way, you can easily brush the hair off your neck and shoulders. This will help keep the hair off your clothes and make it easier to remove later. 

Another option is to wear a barber’s cape when you get your haircut. This will also help keep the hair off your clothes. If you’re not wearing a tee-shirt or barber’s cape, you can try wearing something slippery, like wax paper or plastic wrap. This will help the hair slip off your clothes more easily. 

Finally, you can use a hairdryer to blow off stray hair on your skin after getting a haircut if you have long hair. This will help loosen any hair that may have gotten stuck in your neck.


Whether it is human hair or the hair of your pet, seeing them on your clothing can be a nuisance. 

Taking the time to remove it can be a pain, but you can now remove them from your fabric with ease with these hacks. Plus, they will not harm your clothes or you in any way, unlike other chemical-based hair removers. 

So, try out these hacks and see if you can remove hair from your clothes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get hair out of bedsheets?

Human and pet hair (if you let your bed stay on your bed) can quickly accumulate on bedsheets. Put your hair-filled bed sheet in the washing machine along with one or two dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are great because they easily remove hair, and they loosen up easily.

How do you get hair out of towel?

Using a lint roller or duct tape is the easiest way to remove hair from towels. Getting rid of hair from towels can be a challenge. It turns out that a lint roller or duct tape does the trick.