How To Get A Necklace Out Of A Washing Machine

How To Get A Necklace Out Of A Washing Machine | 5 simple steps

It’s a normal afternoon and you’re doing your laundry. Suddenly, you notice that your heirloom necklace has come undone and fallen into the laundry machine, disappearing from sight!

All hope is not lost, however. You can easily get your stuck necklace – or any other jewelry – out of the washing machine with a few standard household tools.

To get the necklace out of the machine, turn off the washer and grab a screwdriver and a flashlight. You’ll be able to move the drum so that you can get the stuck necklace out.

Step 1: Check the Filter

 Remember how your washing machine likes to eat socks and buttons?

Same goes for rings and necklace beads! But there’s a thing that stands in the way between the machine’s appetite for small items and the drain hose, and it’s called filter.

You don’t need any tools to check the filter. In most washers, it will be sitting on the front, in a bottom corner. Flip the cover open and remove the filter to clean it. If you’re lucky, the necklace will have nested in with a bunch of lint, soap and goo.

If not, it’s time to get a bit more technical!

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

Here’s whatThe first step to getting a stuck necklace out of the washing machine is to grab your tools. To get the job done you’ll need: 

  • A screwdriver
  • A flashlight
  • Cable ties

Then, turn off your washing machine. Make sure to disconnect it from the energy source before you start working so that you don’t injure yourself.

Common Household Tools Will Help Get Necklace Out Of Washing Machine

It’s also a good idea to clear away any laundry room trash in front of the machine. You want a clear workspace and you want to make sure there are no items lying around that could hurt youyou could injure yourself on. 

Step 3: Look for the Item

Now, it’s time to get to work. Grab your flashlight and take a look at the inner drum’s perforations. Try slowly turning the drum to get an idea of where the noise is coming from. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll see the item straight away and can gently remove it from the perforations with a pair of pliers or your hands. 

Otherwise, you may notice that you meet some resistance when you turn the drum. This is a sign that your necklace has gotten stuck between the outer and inner drums. 

To figure out where exactly the necklace is, make a small gap between the seal and the inner drum by lifting the seal. Then, turn the drum again to get a glimpse of the item. 

If you really can’t see the item, you can use a cable tie to poke into the perforations and feel for where the necklace is. 

Step 4: Create a Gap in the Seal

Once you manage to locate the item, it’s time to get to work removing it. Start by grabbing a flathead screwdriver and wedging it into the seal between the inner drum and the door to make a bit of a gap. 

A good way to make sure that you have an even gap between the seal and the drum is to give the drum a spin. If the gap is uneven, use some physical force to push the drum back into its place use a wooden mallet to knock the drum back into place and create a larger space. 

At this point, you may be able to see the item and physically remove it. If not, it’s time to move onto next stepstep four. 

Step 5: Remove the Water Heater or Sump Hose

If you still can’t get to the necklace, it’s time to remove the heater or the sump pump. 

To remove the heater, take the back panel off the machine and remove the heater inside. You should be able to spot your necklace hiding in the back panel.

When you take the heater out of the machine and you still don’t see the necklace, you can move onto removing the sump hose. You’ll find the sump hose on the bottom of the machine, so you’ll have to flip the washer on its side to access the hose. 

To get to the sump hose, remove the base cover on the machine. Now, loosen the clip on the sump hose and ease the hose out of the machine so that you can see the tub. Using a flashlight, dig around for your necklace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a couple more questions on your mind about how to get a necklace out of a washing machine? Check out the answers to these commonly asked questions.

You Can Loose Lots Of Things In A Washing Machine
You can loose lots of things in a washing machine

Can You Lose a Necklace in the Washing Machine?

It’s very easy to lose a necklace in the washing machine. When you’re doing laundry, make sure to remove any valuable jewelry or jewelry that has weak clasps to avoid this from happening.

How Do You Get Something Out of a Washing Machine?

Usually, any smaller item will get stuck in the filter. But if not, you’ll have to get a bit technical and check the holes of the drum, the gap between the inner and outer drum, or underneath the back panel or sump hose. You can use the above steps to get just about anything out of a washing machine. That way, you can hunt down any valuables that you might lose in the machine. 

Can Things Go Missing in a Washing Machine?

Things can easily go missing in a washing machine. Depending on how small they are, they can get flushed down the drain when the washing machine empties its drum, making for an even tougher time tracking down your missing item.