How To Dispose Of Coffee Grounds

How to Dispose of Coffee Grounds (5 Greenest Ways)

Everybody loves coffee. 

(Well, most of us, the caffeine-addicted majority.)

It’s said that over 60% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. 

That’s a LOT of people, and a lot of coffee grounds.

And many of those people are going to dispose of them the wrong way!

What NOT to Do With Coffee Grounds (French Press or Any Other)

Disposing of coffee grounds in the toilet or the sink can cause clogs. Coffee grounds tend to clump, and then later collect other materials coming down the drain.

In other words, don’t flush your coffee grounds. Ever.

But you know what’s even more common? Just throwing the grounds into the trash. 

Some people use them as a natural air deodorizer in your fridge. And once they eliminate the funky smells, they throw them into the trash.

Grounds in trash isn’t a bad idea in itself, but it isn’t particularly environmentally friendly either.

Coffee grounds emit a greenhouse gas known as methane when they end up in a landfill.

So if you can’t flush it, and it’s better not to throw it in the trash, how do you dispose of coffee grounds?

Scroll down for 5 ways how you can dispose of those coffee grounds from your French press, and other coffee machines. 

5 Creative (AND Green) Uses for Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds In A Cup

1. Coffee Grounds as Compost

(There’s also a Japanese method for composting that you definitely want to check out!)

Coffee grounds are acidic, rich in nitrogen, contain phosphorus and potassium, and other micronutrients.

They’re great for both outdoor and indoor plants.

And can be used by sprinkling them directly over the soil by your plant or by working them into the soil.

The nitrogen in coffee grounds helps plants make amino acids and proteins they need to create their own cells.

They’re also quite good for earthworms!

And as an added bonus, the grounds filter out any heavy metals.

And if you don’t want to go through the effort, there may be private or governmental services that have bins for compostable food waste. 

You’d just need to fill it up for them and normally they’ll replace it with a new one. 

(You could even add your coffee filters in there!)

Coffee Grounds And Indoor Plant

2. Coffee Grounds as a Pest Deterrent 

Coffee grounds can help keep away ants, slugs and snails from your plants.

More so, keep them away from areas you’d rather not have them.

Just sprinkle them around your garden and in various other places.

Your cat isn’t exactly a pest, but coffee will keep her or him away from using your garden as a toilet!

3. Coffee Grounds as a Body or Face Scrub (Or Even in Your Hair!)

One of the more interesting uses of coffee grounds is as a body or face scrub.

This works because the grounds contain natural antioxidants which stimulate skin cells. 

They can help to clear acne and generally promote healthier skin. 

As a body scrub, they need to be combined with either coconut or olive oil and used in a paste. 

But your skin isn’t the only body part that loves coffee. You could even use it in your hair!

By using it before applying shampoo and after rinsing it out thoroughly, it can break apart residue and help give your hair that smooth feel. 

4. Coffee Grounds as a Flavor Enhancer

Meat Marinade And Some Spices

Everyone loves the taste of coffee, but did you know that you could use it in your cooking?

Yes, coffee grounds help by adding flavor to various dishes, including beef and lamb.

They can also be used in marinades.

Coffee grounds help to add both depth and oomph to various meals.

5. Coffee Grounds as Biofuel

Yes, you read that right. 

People are getting more and more creative with their green initiatives.

And one thing that came up in response to the mass consumption of caffeine is this:

Coffee grounds can be recycled into biofuel by transforming them into coffee logs. These can then be used in multi-fuel stoves and wood-burning.

And who came up with this? British Company Bio-bean

What a wonderful way to dispose of coffee grounds. Best yet, you can even do this yourself!

Saving the Earth, One (Ground) Coffee Bean at a Time

Every small effort we make adds up with the much larger collective efforts of the eco-conscious society.

By disposing of coffee beans in such a way that they don’t contribute to our environmental issues, we are doing our small part to help our much larger society, and create a better world for our kids. I want my children and my children’s children to live in a safer world.

As long as we all do our part, this is more than possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I throw coffee grounds on my lawn?

You should NOT throw coffee grounds on your lawn. They are acidic and will stain your law, and dry out your grass. Granted, coffee grounds are a great fertilizer – but only for acid-loving plants!

Is it OK to flush coffee grounds?

You shouldn’t flush the grounds down the toilet. They tend to clump in the toilet and lead to clogs in your drain. Same goes for washing them down the sink!

Can you throw coffee grounds in the garbage disposal?

In a very small amount, this is okay. But doing it habitually will lead to accumulating in your pipes and lead to a very expensive call to your plumber.