Electric Skateboarding

Electric Skateboarding 101: Benefits, Risks, How To Buy, And Safety Tips

Electric skateboarding is an increasingly popular form of personal transportation and recreation. It has many advantages over traditional skateboards, including increased speed, maneuverability, portability, ease of use, and safety features. 

This feature provides an overview of electric skateboard basics; it discusses the benefits and risks associated with electric skateboarding, outlines how to purchase a board that meets individual needs and provides tips for safe riding. Read on to learn more. 

Benefits of Electric Skateboarding

In recent years, electric skateboarding has gained popularity among many people as it offers multiple benefits, such as the following:

  1. Eco-Friendly Transportation

Electric skateboarding is an excellent form of eco-friendly transportation. It provides a viable and sustainable alternative to other forms of transportation that are more harmful to the environment, such as cars and trucks. 

Electric skateboarding offers many advantages over traditional vehicles too:

  • It can be used in places where larger vehicles can’t go;
  • It’s easier to store than bikes or scooters;
  • Low environmental impact due to zero emissions; and so on. 
Man Carries Electric Skateboard In His Hands

By considering these factors, electric skateboarding can prove an effective way for individuals who wish to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing speed or comfort during daily travel.

  1. Cost-Effective

Electric skateboarding is an excellent option for those looking for affordable transportation. The board usually costs between USD$250 and USD$600 depending on its size, weight, battery life, and the like, providing excellent value for money compared to the prices of cars or motorcycles. 

Additionally, electricity is typically cheaper than gas in most areas, meaning that running costs are minimal; as such, users can expect to have their boards up and running at very economical rates.

For those serious about finding the best electric skateboard in Australia or other locations but unwilling to spend too much upfront, retailers have various financing options, including rent-to-own deals, which allow customers to pay off the purchase price over time.  

  1. Time-Saving

Electric skateboarding can be a great time-saving tool for those looking to quickly get from one destination to another. While it requires some skill and practice, many people find electric skateboards an enjoyable way to travel around cities. 

Woman Is Riding Electric Skateboard

Here are three ways electric skateboards save time:

  • No Waiting: Unlike cars or buses, electric skateboarders never need to wait in traffic jams or at stoplights. Riders hop on their boards and go, often finding routes through parks, alleyways, and other shortcuts unavailable to motorized vehicles.
  • Portability: Electric skateboards are small enough to carry onto buses or trains and stored within cubicles or offices when needed. 
  • Speed: With speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h), even long-distance trips across town become much faster with an electric skateboard than by walking or biking alone. 

For these reasons, many urbanites have embraced electric skateboarding as a practical solution for quickly and conveniently getting from Point A to Point B while enjoying the ride.

  1. Good for Health and Fitness

Electric skateboarding offers excellent health and fitness benefit to its users. It’s a perfect form of aerobic exercise and works for several muscle groups while providing a fun and exciting way to get around town. 

Typically, electric skateboarding can be used for short or longer journeys, depending on the rider’s preferences. The boards provide a good workout that helps build strong leg muscles and core strength, as well as increases balance control. 

Indeed, electric skateboards come with an array of perks. Yet do keep in mind that they present certain drawbacks too. 

Risks of Electric Skateboarding

Electric skateboarding can present risks to both riders and bystanders. Skateboards have no brakes, so the rider must be familiar with their board’s speed capabilities in order to safely control it. Here are some factors to be wary of:

Boy On Electric Skateboard
  • High Risk of Injury

Electric skateboarding carries a high risk of injury due to the nature of the activity and its potential speeds. Riders should be aware that they are engaging in an extreme sport with inherent risks, as falls can cause serious injuries or death. That’s why it’s vital to take precautions while riding electric skateboards to reduce the chance of accidents and injuries. 

Riders must consider their physical abilities when deciding if electric skateboarding suits them as well. Lastly, it should be noted that electric skating is only recommended for children under adult supervision due to the increased danger posed by lack of experience and protection.

  • Legal Issues

The proliferation of electric skateboards has brought a range of legal considerations. From municipal regulations to public safety concerns and product liability issues, understanding the relevant laws is essential for adequately using these devices. 

While some countries have yet to implement specific guidance on electric skateboarding, many others have taken steps to ensure that users understand their responsibilities when operating them in public spaces.

  • Limited Range and Battery Life

Generally, skateboard batteries typically last around eight miles per charge, depending on rider weight, terrain type, and speed chosen by the user. As a result, users need to plan their routes carefully to ensure they can reach their destination before running out of power.

Electric Skateboard Charging

Additionally, recharging takes several hours, meaning that long trips may only be possible by stopping for an extended period of time. Therefore, understanding how far you can travel on a single charge is vital before purchasing an electric skateboard or planning your route. 

You must be cautious when using an electric skateboard due to the risks mentioned above. 

How to Buy an Electric Skateboard

When buying an electric skateboard, riders should consider their needs and preferences regarding size, power, speed limits, braking system, riding style, terrain conditions, and accessories. Here are some tips when buying one:

  1. Consider the Type of Board

It’s essential to consider the type of board before purchasing an electric skateboard. The size and shape of an e-skateboard will determine its performance, range, speed, portability, and overall ease of use. 

Depending on one’s experience level and desired purpose for riding, it may be necessary to examine different types of boards to find the most suitable option. Various styles include:

  • Shortboards (designed for tricks);
  • Longboards (for cruising);
  • Cruiser boards (urban transport); and
  • All-terrain electric skateboards with larger wheels are ideal for off-road excursions.

Each category differs in maneuverability, weight capacity, power output, top speed, acceleration, and battery life. These factors should be considered carefully when selecting an appropriate board that meets your needs and budget.

  1. Look for Reviews and Recommendations
Researching Reviews On The Internet

Researching reviews and recommendations is essential in finding the ideal electric skateboard.  To facilitate this process, the following list provides four helpful tips:

  • Find Reliable Sources: Look for trustworthy websites that feature authentic customer feedback from buyers who have purchased or used electric skateboards. This will ensure unbiased information about each product’s performance and quality.
  • Check Online Forums: Forums offer an interactive platform where users can share their experiences using different brands and models of electric skateboards. Reading through these threads can provide valuable insight into which boards may better suit your needs.
  • Compare Prices: Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, take some time to compare prices across various retailers to find the best deal possible on your desired model.

The immense variety of products on the market can make selecting the right one challenging, so it’s vital to compare user experiences with different models before making a purchase decision.

  1. Choose the Right Motor Power

Skateboard motors range from small and light to powerful and heavy. The motor size determines the skateboard’s speed, weight capacity, and torque. Smaller motors are typically used for cruising or short-distance travel, while larger ones can reach higher speeds and better maneuverability over longer distances. 

To determine what type of motor power is best suited for a rider’s needs, it should be based on their skill level as well as how they plan to use the skateboard.

  1. Consider the Range and Battery Life

The range of an electric skateboard is a significant factor to consider when deciding on a board. Not only can the range affect how far you are able to travel, but it also influences other aspects of your riding experience, such as speed and power.

Man Keeps An Electric Skateboard Over Himself
Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A battery’s life will determine its longevity and performance over time. It’s essential to understand that different batteries have varying levels of charge capacity; this will help inform the decision of which type of board may be best suited for one’s needs. 

  1. Check for Warranty and Customer Support

When buying an electric skateboard, checking if the product comes with a warranty is crucial. A good quality board should have at least 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty or store guarantee against defects and malfunctioning parts. Additionally, buyers should consider checking for customer support options provided by the seller in case they need help with repairs or other issues related to their purchase.

Safety Tips for Electric Skateboarding

Electric skateboarding can be exhilarating, but safety must always come first. Hence, it’s essential to enjoy the experience safely and responsibly by following safety measures such as the following:

  1. Wear Proper Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is one of the most critical steps when engaging in electric skateboarding. To ensure maximum protection for electric skateboarders, consider having the following items: helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and shoes for protection.

The importance of wearing protective gear can’t be overstated; having the right equipment could mean the difference between a successful ride or an injury due to a lack of preparation. 

  1. Learn and Follow Traffic Rules
Man Stands On The Road And Holds Electric Skateboard

When riding an electric skateboard, learning and following traffic rules is important. This includes paying attention to all local laws regarding the operation of motorized vehicles on public streets and sidewalks. 

Further, riders should always maintain a safe distance from cars while sharing roads with them as they are more likely to cause serious injury or death if struck by one. Lastly, they must stay within posted speed limits and within their own ability level when navigating the terrain. 

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s vital to be aware of one’s surroundings while electric skateboarding. Identifying potential risks and hazards before they arise can help riders avoid accidents or injury. This means being mindful of the terrain, any obstacles such as rocks or other debris, traffic, and pedestrians, and most importantly, having a good sense of balance and control over speed. 

  1. Avoid Riding in Poor Weather Conditions

Riding an electric skateboard can be a fun and efficient method of transportation, but it’s essential to consider all weather conditions before riding. 

Poor weather conditions like strong winds, rain, and snow can reduce traction on the skateboard deck, making it harder to control and increasing the risks of crashes or falls. Additionally, wet surfaces may create more slippery roads, which could impair movement, mainly if there are no available sidewalks.

  1. Check Your Board Regularly
Dog Is Standing On Electric Skateboard

Riders must take active steps to ensure that their electric skateboard remains safe for use. This involves regular inspections of critical components such as the wheels, trucks, battery connector cable, remote receiver unit, and motor brush system; all should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear. 

Plus, replacing worn-out parts with spares or new replacements will help maintain optimum performance levels while reducing incidents of mechanical failure during rides.


Electric skateboarding can provide a fun and exciting way to travel cost-effectively while reducing your carbon footprint. That’s why taking all the necessary safety precautions when riding an electric skateboard is important. 

All riders should always be aware of their surroundings, avoid poor weather conditions and check the board regularly for potential issues. With these simple steps taken into account, electric skateboarding can be enjoyed safely by everyone who chooses to try it.