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EarthHero Black Friday: 10 Eco-friendly Gifts for Kids

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up soon! 

Welcome to EnviroMom!

That’s probably one of the busiest times for shopping and for stocking up on Christmas gifts. As I start to get organized for my own Christmas shopping and look for presents for my own kids plus nephews and nieces, here is a list of gift ideas for kids of all ages from EarthHero* – they have a 20% storewide Black Friday discount from November 15 to December 1. To get this discount, use the code BF2021.

EarthHero Black Friday discount

But it gets better… for every purchase, EarthHero is committed to planting 5 trees in order to offset their carbon emissions. This commitment is in line with their mission and ethos to go ‘carbon neutral’.

Before we get to the list, the EnviroMom in me cannot help but feel a little bit concerned with the shopping frenzy. So, I have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you make your shopping decisions as eco-friendly as possible. 

Let’s have a look at some great Black Friday Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids from EarthHero

Punch & Drop Shape Sorter

Punch & Drop Shape Sorter

A classic wooden toy especially designed to encourage your child’s gross motor skills

This is a classic first toy for many kids around the world. Apart from endless fun, a shape sorter is also well known for being a great tool to encourage children’s gross motor skills – which will come in handy when they are learning to hold a bottle or a pen!

This toy is made with a blend of rubberwood and PlanWood – all minimal impact resources. 

Age recommendation: It is officially recommended for 12 months and over, but I believe this toy can be used as soon as babies can sit up and hold on to objects. 

Garden Activity Cube

Garden Activity Cube

An educational colorful activity toy that’ll challenge and entertain kids for hours

Another great toy for little hands to train their gross motor skills with lots of shapes, colors, numbers and puzzles. With ‘larger than usual’ dimensions (15x15x12 inches), this toy is also great for friends and siblings to explore together. 

Age recommendation: This toy is recommended for 18 months and over. At that age, they may start recognising some of the ‘garden’ elements such as bees, flowers and birds. 

PlanToys Hollow Wooden Toy Blocks

PlanToys Hollow Wooden Toy Blocks

A sustainable toy that will test your child’s imagination and creativity.

Wooden Blocks are another classic toy set that has entertained kids for generations and generations. PlanToys Hollow Wooden Toy blocks provide ten differently shaped wooden pieces. This is a simple concept that will give the perfect opportunity to train kids fine motor skills as they use their imagination to create all sorts of buildings. 

These blocks are sustainably made from a blend of rubberwood and PlanWood – a material made from discarded wood chips and rubberwood sawdust. 

Age recommendation: It’s officially recommended for three years old and up, but my kids have started with wooden blocks as soon as they could get a decent grip. 

Jill Dress Up Doll

Jill Dress Up Doll

This handmade, cotton dress-up doll is perfect for kids to learn empathy and practice self-care through roleplay.

A toy guide would not be complete without a doll and Jill Dress Up Doll is an excellent choice. I must admit for a while I avoided dolls myself as I questioned whether I was encouraging my kids – in particular, my daughter – to see her future self as a parent only! Research has proved me wrong – very wrong indeed! 

Dolls are great for kids (regardless of their gender) as they teach things like self-care and empathy. I love this dress up doll from Under the Nile from 100% cotton (filling included) and it comes with extra change of clothes. Another bonus point is that it’s machine-wash safe! Yay!

Age recommendation: I couldn’t find an official age recommendation for Jill Dress Up doll, but I would feel comfortable gifting this to any kid 12 months and up

Wishbone Design 3-in-1 Toddler Tricycle

Wishbone Design 3-in-1 Toddler Tricycle

An eco-friendly bike made of wood that can be used on grass and dirt – perfect for kids who love playing outdoors.

A tricycle is a wonderful addition to all families with young kids! Parents know that once babies stand up and learn to walk, they become pretty much unstoppable. What better way to explore the world around them than riding a tricycle? 

This birchwood tricycle from Wishbone is nothing like the ones I had when I was a kid! The tires and wheels are long-lasting and they are incredibly mobile and can be used on grass and dirt. The wooden frame is also very sturdy, making this toy an ideal candidate to go from sibling to sibling to cousin to another cousin. 

Do you want something more challenging than a three-wheel ‘vehicle’? Look no further than Wishbone’s 2-in-1 toddler balance bike. Balance bikes make the transition to ‘real cycling’ much easier as they encourage balance and steering control.   

Age recommendation: The recommended age goes from 12 months to 5 years old, thanks to its adjustable seat that can get higher as your kid grows. 

Green Toys Kids Play Wagon

Green Toys Kids Play Wagon

Made from recycled plastic, this classic wagon toy is great for both indoor and outdoor play. You can even use it for storing your kid’s toys!

A wagon is another classic toy that will guarantee endless hours of fun! Kids can use this to transport sand and rocks outdoors, or other toys inside the house. A great benefit for parents is that wagons can double up as storage for smaller items! 

The Green Toys Play Wagon is made from plastic – actually recycled plastic milk jugs, making the transition from outdoor to indoor super easy with a garden hose. But it gets better, this toy is also dishwasher safe! 

Age recommendation: This toy is recommended for 12 months and up. The wagon bed’s size (15×9.75×9.75 inches) and its light weight is best suited to younger kids. 

Bunny Hopkins Red Oak Wobble Board

Bunny Hopkins Red Oak Wobble Board

A wooden board cleverly designed to test your kid’s creativity and reflexes.

This toy is quite simple and yet so clever!

The curved wooden wobble board has so many uses! Its name suggests that standing up on it and wobbling is the main idea – a bit like a surfboard on the ground, however, there’s more to it. Crawling babies can climb it and it can also be used as a tunnel for dolls and cars. 

This board also reminds me of a fruit bowl I used to have – turning this into a table centrepiece could be an end-of-life plan for when the kids are much older. 

Attention: this board is not recommended for wooden floors, tiles or surfaces that can be slippery. This product is intended to be used on carpet or rugs. 

Age recommendation: The Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board comes in two sizes – starter and regular – and there are different finishes to choose from – including unfinished! The starter size is suitable for kids who are 18 months and up, while the regular size is recommended for over the age of three

EverEarth Treehouse Playset

EverEarth Treehouse Playset

Encourage children to do role-playing games with this creative, kid-friendly playset – complete with mini figurines and furniture that kids will surely love!

This multi-level treehouse (plus accessories) is a dream! This has to be one of the best toys to encourage children to do role-playing games as they create stories and fantasize about their figurines’ adventures in the treehouse. 

Made mostly from solid certified beechwood, this toy will last for many years and can easily go from sibling to sibling and to friends. All paint is non-toxic and water-based. 

The playset includes the treehouse, human-looking figurines and mini-furniture. It can be complemented with whatever you have at home. Imagination and celebration at its best! 

Age recommendation: Recommended for kids who are three years old and up

EverEarth Little Cooks Kitchen Playset

EverEarth Little Cooks Kitchen Playset

Unlike common kitchen playsets that are mainly made of plastic, this one is made from certified wood and non-toxic materials that’s completely safe for kids.

Another great playset from EverEarth is the Little Cooks Kitchen, including stove, oven, microwave and sink. There are many role-playing games that kids can do with a pretend kitchen including a restaurant and tea party. By adding some play-dough, the adventure can quickly turn into making food art. 

This kitchen is made from certified wood and colored with water-based non-toxic paints. This sturdy toy has many years of fun to bring to your kids. 

Age recommendation: Best suited to kids who are three years old and up.

EverEarth Carpenter Play Set

EverEarth Carpenter Play Set

A sturdy building play set for kids, complete with carpenter tools and accessories made of wood.

The EverEarth Carpenter Playset is a favorite of mine – the kind of toy I wish I was given when I was a kid! Similarly to the doll, this is a gift for all kids regardless of gender. What I find lovely about his Carpenter playset is the workbench space that can be used for lots of things beyond playing with the tools and accessories that are included in the set.

This playset is made entirely from certified beechwood. It is also very sturdy and will last for many years to come. 

Age recommendation: I couldn’t find an official age recommendation for EverEarth Carpenter Play Set, but I would feel comfortable gifting this to any kid 24 months and up

FAQ | What to look for in an eco-friendly toy?

Eco-friendly products are often a better environmental option, however, they are not zero-waste or zero-emissions. They still carry a carbon footprint. 

So, it is important that we give some more thought to these products before buying them. Here is a list of questions that I often ask myself before indulging in some crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping! 

How long will this product last? 

Sturdy, durable toys that can go from sibling to sibling or extended family and friends are ideal.

How will I dispose of this product if I can’t donate it? 

End-of-life matters! 

Extending the lifecycle of a toy via donation is ideal, however, I understand it is not always possible. The second-best options are recycling, repurposing or reusing. For example, for plastic toys – is that particular type of plastic easy to recycle? For wooden toys, can the wood go in the compost bin? Another good question is how long will the item take to decompose in landfills.

toys end of life options
End of Life matters should be an upfront consideration, not an afterthought

One of my favorite things about EarthHero is how they address the ‘end-of-life’ of the products they sell! It is such an important thing to consider up-front and not as an afterthought. 

What raw materials and resources are used to manufacture and distribute the toy? 

It is very important to look for sustainably sourced materials that – for example, don’t impact native forests. However, that can be one of the hardest things to find out and be sure of. Another important thing is to think about the entire supply chain and the impact of transportation – the reality is even a super-sustainable product made on the other side of the world will need to burn fossil fuels to get to us! 

Supporting local communities and business is a great way to live a more sustainable life.

Who made it?

Last but not least, who made our kids toys and their working conditions are just as important as everything else.

Is EarthHero 100% sustainable?

Hmmm… No! Nothing is 100% sustainable as even the most sustainable products still require resources for manufacturing, distribution and promotion. However, they are committed to minimal waste and to finding the most sustainable products. EarthHero is also passionate about social justice and racial justice.

Although nothing is 100% sustainable, I feel pretty confident EarthHero is as close to the mark as we can get.

* Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, however, all product endorsements are an honest reflection of our opinion.

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