Crabbie Sandbox Vs Turtle Sandbox

Crabbie Sandbox vs Turtle Sandbox | All you need to know

The kids are finally out of school as summer vacation has arrived, and that means one thing – more family time! 

But with that, comes greater responsibility for parents to keep their kids entertained and happy. 

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The Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox and the Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox are two great options for your children’s toy collection – but which one should you get? 

Little Tikes Turtle SandboxStep 2 Crabbie Sandbox
Sand amount150 pounds300 pounds
Depth12 inches16 inches
Width43.25 inches47 inches
Maximum weight limit5.2 kilograms16 kilograms
Age range1-6 years1-8 years


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There are many factors to consider in any purchase, the price point being one of the most important, especially if you’re looking to buy within a budget. In this case, however, price will most likely not be the deciding factor in your final decision as the price points are similar, with the Turtle priced at $44.99 and the Crabbie at $59.99. While this may seem like a hefty amount to pay for something you’ll be dumping sand into later, you’ll find that anything cheaper won’t last you very long. Moreover, with such a minimal price difference, it’s best to look at other factors when choosing your sandbox. 

Quality & Materials

Both sandboxes are made of plastic – no surprise there. But where they vary is in their strength. While the recommended maximum weight limit for Little Tikes Turtle is 5.2 kilograms, Step 2 Crabbie claims it can hold up to 16 kilograms! Moreover, Little Tikes’ age recommendation is up to 6 years, while Step 2’s is 8 years. With such a significant difference, it seems that Crabbie may be much more durable, so if you’re looking to make an investment, red might be your kid’s new favorite color. 


When it comes to size, the Crabbie wins. With a width of 47 inches and depth of 16 inches, it provides enough space for two kids to comfortably build their sandcastles and throw in extra toys. The Turtle has a slightly lower depth of 12 inches and width of 43.25 inches, giving slightly less space and comfort for kids to enjoy themselves. Greater depth also means more sand for your child to play – Crabbie can hold double the amount of sand than the Turtle (though keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much sand…). If you have one child, the Turtle should work perfectly fine for you, but with two or more, you may want to consider the Crabbie. 


Sand And Childrens Toys

Both sandboxes provide key features including two molded in seats for the kids to use while they’re playing with friends or even on their own (until they decide to dive right into the sand – great for parents who have to clean them up later…), as well as well-fitted lids to protect the sand from any surprise rain or bugs. Both products also pay attention to detail with realistic shell patterns molded into the lids. The key difference is of course the animal and color – if your child has a fondness for turtles or crabs, then your choice has been made! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sand should I have in my kid’s sandbox?

The key thing to be concerned about when it comes to your child’s sandbox is the danger of them inhaling the sand. For this reason, you should choose sand that is less likely to be ingested or harmful. The ideal sand would have larger grains. There are also other sand alternatives that you can consider.  

Does a sandbox have any benefits for kids?

Though it may look like simple playtime, sandboxes teach kids a lot more than we realize. Getting their hands dirty actually allows them to experiment with hand movements and develop their sensory skills. It also encourages them to explore and be curious, and when playing with other children, it can even help with socialization and teamwork! All in all, sandboxes are a great investment for toddlers. 

What toys should I get for my sandbox?

There are a variety of toys you can collect to complete your new sandbox set. There are the classic buckets and shovels which are a must for any sandbox. Then you can add on some fun players like strainers, as well as molds of all shapes and sizes, from animals to castles. You can even add some vehicles into the mix with some sandbox trucks!