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Are Period Underwear FSA Or HSA Eligible? (Sustainability = Saving Money!)

Women’s periods can end up costing more than $700 a year – just on personal hygiene products. All those $5 boxes of pads and tampons that we purchase quickly add up, making having your period an extremely pricey situation!

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can save on these costs AND save the environment at the same time. By switching to period panties, you can cut back on your out-of-pocket costs by using them for HSA or FSA coverage. 

Period panties are both HSA and FSA eligible. Regardless of which type of spending account you have, using these panties can be a great way to save money while using eco-friendly period underwear

Period Underwear Is Hsa Fsa Eligible

What Is an FSA?

To start, let’s take a minute to talk about what an FSA is.

FSA stands for flexible spending account and is a type of healthcare account that you put money into to use for healthcare costs. 

FSA accounts don’t charge taxes, meaning that they’re a great way to save some extra money while taking care of your health. And, employers may make contributions to the accounts, adding to the financial value. 

To use your FSA, you’ll submit a claim with proof of the expense you’re submitting. You’ll also need to attach a statement from your insurance company saying that the purchase wasn’t covered by them. 

What Is HSA?

HSAs are similar to FSAs. The accounts are used specifically for covering healthcare purchases. However, these accounts work a little bit differently. 

HSAs are accounts that can be used to cover medical expenses for individuals who have high-deductible health plans. They’re a great option for people who need access to health products but don’t have the spare cash due to their expensive medical plans. 

Just like an FSA, your employer can make contributions to your HSA account. And, just like an FSA, your account is tax-free money that you can use without having to pay any additional fees to the IRS. 

Are Period Products HSA or FSA Eligible?

Different period products

Thanks to the CARES Act, menstrual hygiene products are now treated the same as any other type of spending for medical care. That means that menstrual cups, menstrual pads, panty liners, and tampons are all eligible for HSA and FSA purchases. 

And, more importantly, it means that period panties are eligible for these types of purchases. Since period panties tend to be more expensive than disposable items, this makes it easier for people to invest in these eco-friendly period products

On top of that, the CARES Act states that incontinence products can be used with an HSA or FSA as well. Since period panties can also work for incontinence, you can submit them to your spending account if you’re purchasing for this purpose, too. 

How to Get an FSA or HSA

If the idea of getting tax-free money to spend on menstrual products appeals, you might want to consider getting either an FSA or an HSA account. Just note that you probably won’t be able to open bot accounts. 

Regardless of whether you have private health insurance, employer-based insurance, or another type of healthcare plan, you may be eligible for an HSA or an FSA. To open an account, you’ll need to speak to your insurance plan directly. 

Once you’ve verified that you’re able to open an HSA or an FSA, you’ll need to research providers. Some insurance companies also offer HSA and FSA plans, so be sure to check with them first. 

With the account open, you can submit your receipts to your account for coverage. Your insurance account will approve the receipts and then issue your spending funds for those purchases. 

That makes for a fantastic way to get your period products paid for without worrying about paying hefty taxes or additional fees!

Frequently Asked Questions

The new CARES Act policies regarding period products can leave questions in a lot of people’s minds. Let’s take a look at some answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about period panties and FSA or HSA eligibility. 

Are Thinx period underwear FSA eligible?

Thinx period panties are one of the most common brands of period underwear on the market. And, all their period panties are completely HSA and FSA eligible! They’ve got tons of different styles to choose from so you can pick whatever feels most natural to you. 

Is underwear HSA eligible?

If the new period product laws of the CARES Act have you hoping underwear itself is HSA eligible, you’ll need to think again. At the moment, only period panties are eligible for HSA and FSA coverage, although they can be used for incontinence or for period purposes. 

Can I use my FSA for tampons?

It’s not just period underwear that’s eligible for FSA use! You can also use your FSA or HSA account for any other period products including tampons, panty liners, and menstrual cups. If you’re going to use it for tampons, just make sure to find organic varieties that are biodegradable.

Is period underwear HSA eligible?

Period underwear is 100% HSA eligible. And, it’s 100% FSA eligible too! This is a huge improvement for women’s health because it makes purchasing necessary menstrual health products far more affordable and accessible. 

Can you buy Knix with HSA?

Another popular brand of period panties is Knix. Knix products, like Thinx products, are considered menstrual goods. As such, they’re eligible for use with both your HSA and FSA accounts under the CARES Act.