Rube Goldberg Machine

Coolest Use of Trash: OK Go – This Too Shall Pass Rube Goldberg Video

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What do you get when 20 engineers construct a monstrous Rube Goldberg machine? Well, watch the video below to find out.

Welcome to EnviroMom!
Welcome to EnviroMom!

The extremely elaborate construction here is the ‘brain-child’ of American rock band OK Go. For their ‘This Too Shall Pass’ video, they created this Rube Goldberg machine mostly from used materials.

Given how crazy the final creation is, and how captivating is this video, it’s not surprising that this video went viral on social media shortly after it’s release. I know my kids love it!

Here is the This Too Shall Pass video by OK Go, with their crazy Rube Goldberg machine:

I hope you’re as inspired as we are to make the most amazing family Rube Goldberg machine at your house!

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