Alcohol Brands Focused On Reducing Waste
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Alcohol Brands Focused On Reducing Waste

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Seeing alcohol brands do great things make us so happy! The brands we found are focused on reducing food waste while creating amazing spirits you will love.


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Reliquum is a UK spirits brand that has created a new apple brandy that is made from Opal apples, a relatively new variety from the UK. Reliquum was actually founded by a fruit grower who was tired of all the waste their farm produced.

They wanted to find a way to use the apples, pears and more that often are still good – but may not make the standards of some retailers. In the past discarding these were the norm, but not anymore! First the launched Cotchel in 2017 which was an apple and pear juice – then they had to think about what to do with the apricots and plums and that is where Reliquum was born.

Reliquum works in partnership with English Spirits Distillery to make their small batches of spirits and has several other spirits in their line.

Discarded Spirits

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With a home page that states “the age of disposability” is over – what is not to love about the creators of Discarded Spirits co. Another UK based business that is doing amazing things in keeping food waste to a minimum with their spirits.

Their latest addition is their Banana Peel Rum which is a Caribbean Rum that is made from – you guess it – banana peels.

They also have their Cascara Vermouth which is created from the coffee berry. Coffee Berries are used by coffee makers but they often leave behind the fruit part of the bean. Discarded Spirits uses that fruit to create their vermouth!

Wright Brothers

While this business did not start out as an alcohol business – it turned into one so it could help the environment! Wright Brothers – another UK business, is actually a seafood restaurant chain and because of their immense amount of oysters they sell, they had more shells then you could imagine.

They visited the Ginstitute distillery who helped them create Half Shell Gin from the oyster shells. The oyster shells are cold-macerated in a neutral spirit then distilled. The addition of other flavors make this gin a perfect combination for your seafood dinner.

Ventura Spirits

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Finally a US based addition to our list of alcohol brands that are working hard on reducing food waste! Ventura Spirits is based in California and offers a collection of spirits made from fruit that may have imperfections that keep it from selling, but are a perfect addition to a spirit.

One example is their Strawberry Brandy which is made from those imperfect strawberries you will find in any strawberry patch. They also have their Haymaker’s Vodka made from surplus potatoes and apples and more!

Toast Ale

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Toast Ale uses surplus bread to replace virgin barley which is what is normally used in ales. By reusing extra bread in the ales they are essentially eliminating emissions and are reducing the need for land and water.

Toast Ale is a London based and have a few stockists located in the US. They are also unique in that they allow others to make their recipe! Home and small scale brewers can download their recipe to make the Toast brand recipe on their own.

Do You Know Any Other Alcohol Brands That Reduce Waste?

Different types of alcoholic drinks in different glasses

If you are familiar with any other alcohol brands that are focused on reducing waste while creating premiere spirits, then please let us know so we can be sure to add them to our list! We want to thank these companies for being so creative – and for caring so much about the world we live in! Please be sure to support these brands if you see them in your local liquor stores.

Spirits made from not so perfect foods.
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